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Apart from being very clean, these critters are also very cuddly and affectionate, and once you discover a good massive cage for a giant hamster, preserving their house clean and tidy gained’t be an issue. At the highest of our record of most social small pets is theguinea pig.

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Sweet, cuddly and intelligent, they’re herd animals that want plenty of love and affection. Guinea pigs at all times want roommates and can endure psychological harm, and even die of loneliness when housed alone, especially from the grief of dropping a lifelong pal. They can turn into too depressed to eat, which ultimately results in hunger. In Switzerland, it’s truly unlawful to personal just one guinea pig.

An added bonus of the small amount of urine that gerbils produce is the fact that it makes them easier to take … Read More

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The final step for this Animal World Sensory Bin was to add in my daughter’s animals. The primary interactive zone is the alpaca pen, a large fenced-in space with an eclectic group of animals. In addition to a few alpacas, there is a sleepy capybara, a couple of dozy Patagonian mara, and an adventurous giant tortoise that by no means stopped stomping around. The star of this zone, however, is a child goat that likes to step on the tortoise, eat the capybara’s bedstraw, and butt heads with the sheep.

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This petting zoo in a deserted shopping center within the wilds of Chiba does not look too promising. First impressions may be misleading, however, for like the still escalators that solely buzz into life whenever you step on them, the mall retailers are fairly busy and MOFF Animal World is teeming with interactive animal experiences. If … Read More

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