8 New Nature Reserves Are Ready To Be Hunted

Traveling to nature reserves, a surefire way to be at one with nature and breathe fresh air that is free from pollution. Those who like adventure will prefer to spend their vacation time on euphoric environmental reserve sites in tourist attractions that are crowded with tourists. Therefore, this new list of nature reserves can enrich your vacation choices. Many nature reserves have recently been established in the world. Some of them are traveler’s heart data with stunning natural scenery. It could be that in the next few years this new nature reserve will be parallel to the old conservation areas.

1. Pinnacles National Park, United States

Newly opened two years ago to be precise in January 2013, the Pinnacles National Park has a good prospect of attracting tourists. The highlight of this 51-square-kilometer area in the United States is a unique rock formation formed by tens of millions of years of erosion.
Pinnacles National Park, United States who like adventure can do trekking through the Pinnacles National Park area and see more than 400 species of bees in a field of wild flowers. Another interesting place that can be explored while there is a cave filled with 13 species of … Read More

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7 crocodiles most dangerous in the world

Most people must have a fear of snakes, spiders and of course predatory animals bigger than that. Including large reptiles such as the Crocodilia order be it the Alligator, Crocodile, Caiman, Gharial and others.

Why Crocodiles Attack Humans

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has made a red list related to the characteristics and conservation status of various species in the world. It was revealed that crocodiles can attack humans for the following four reasons, including;
1. They are Starving
2. They Protect Their Territories
3. They Protect Their Children
4. They attack other species such as dogs, cats or other domestic animals that happen to be close to humans at the same time.

List of 7 most ferocious crocodiles

The following are the types of crocodiles that have the most cases of attacks against humans in the world.

7.Gharial / Gavial (Gavialis gangeticus)

Its habitat is the rivers of Nepal and northern India. The main food is fish, Gavial does not attack humans and even seems tame to people in their environment, but they eat a lot of corpses floating in funeral ceremonies in the Ganges River.

6.Black caiman (Melanosuchus niger)

Black caiman lives in northern South … Read More

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Why Do Rats Become Pests That Harm Humans?

In addition to their presence that disturbs rat pests in the house that are considered annoying, rats can also be bad for your health. There are several diseases caused by rodents that can harm human health. One of these diseases is leptospirosis.

Transmission of this disease generally occurs when the food consumed by humans has been contaminated with urine from animals infected with the Leptospira bacteria. There are many more diseases caused by mice, either through viruses or bacteria. That is why rats become pests that are very detrimental to humans. Even in the agricultural sector, there are many farmers who fail to harvest due to rat pests. Disease caused by rodents Although not all mice are contaminated with the virus, it would be nice if we avoid contact with mice and their feces or urine. Because we never know which mice will transmit the disease.

Here are some diseases caused by mice:

1. Leptospirosis

Open wounds infected with rat urine can be at risk of contracting leptospirosis. This disease occurs due to the Leptospira bacteria. Once infected, symptoms will usually start two weeks later. Symptoms are similar to flu, namely headaches, fever, to muscle aches.

2. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome

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