That’s awesome! These 5 animals can fly even though they don’t have wings

Animals, such as birds, insects, and bats, have the ability to fly because they have wings as a means of movement. Even so, there are also some other animals that do not have wings but are able to glide or jump through the air with a certain height and distance so that they appear to be really flying.
However, what are some wingless animals that have the ability to glide through the air? Let us discuss one by one the animals with this unique ability.


These tree-dwelling mammals are often called flying lemurs, although lemurs are not true lemurs and do not fly. According to the Wired page, this mammal belonging to the genus Cynocephalus comes from Southeast Asia and has a body the size of a domestic cat. The lemur can glide up to 61 meters between the trees using the folds of skin between its front and hind legs that extend down its tail and neck, known as a patagium. In the wild, lemurs can soar gracefully between the trees, making them look like lemurs flying without wings.

The Snake Chrysopelea paradisi

According to the Journal of Experimental Biology, the Chrysopelea snake paradisi lives in the rainforests … Read More

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Seabed Creatures You Should Know About

Seafloor living things are super difficult for us to see directly because in addition to being “out of reach” of sight, they are also “unwilling” to stick out to the surface. Fortunately, the explorations that had been made to the bottom of the ocean were able to uncover the phenomena of this amazing creature.

The term creatures on the seabed itself refers to organisms whose life is indeed under the photic zone of the sea. These creatures that live deep in the ocean floor have to endure extremely harsh conditions, ranging from a pressure of 20 to 1,000 bars, minimal oxygen, very little food, lack of sunlight, to extremely cold temperatures. Most of these creatures, however, depend on leftover food sinking from the surface.

1. Fishing Fish

This fish is famous when included in the character of the popular animated film “Finding Nemo” in 2003. Its habitat is in the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. This carnivorous fish from the order Lophiiformes is striking with a large and wide head and a large, pointed toothed mouth.

This fish has a luminous organ that hangs over its mouth to attract prey to get closer. This … Read More

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Complete Sooty-headed Bulbul Bird Care

One type of pet bird that can sing non-stop next is the finch. This type of bird is also in great demand by the chirping mania. This is because this bird has a distinctive voice and can be cared for very easily. This bird can be cared for by providing the bird’s favorite food. Usually these finches prefer to eat a type of food in the form of fruit. And the types of fruit that this bird likes the most are bananas and papayas and types of sweet fruit and are generally red and yellow. For those of you who want to know more information about this bird, just take a look at the reviews below.

Sooty-headed Bulbul Bird Food

If you want to take care of these finches in a cage, you can also give them bananas every day. By providing food regularly, it can make the bird’s physical condition healthier and also more agile. Then not only food in the form of fruit, but this bird can also be given additional food in the form of foor which is nutritional intake for this bird. Not only does it have a pretty good type of chirp, but this finch … Read More

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