Here are 4 Safe Tips for Caring for Pets Amid the Corona Pandemic

Recently, news broke that several animals, such as a tiger named Nadia in the United States, a dog in Hong Kong, and a cat in Belgium, were also exposed to Covid-19. These animals are suspected of being infected with the corona because they often interact with humans. This certainly makes animal owners worry that their pets will be exposed to the corona virus. And as a result, many animal owners finally decide to give up their pets.

However, you don’t need to worry too much, huh. Because at this time, the transmission of the corona virus from animals to humans or vice versa, and also between animals and animals has not been scientifically proven. Even so, it’s a good idea to keep your pets clean or healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are 5 tips that you can apply.

The first thing you should do is maintain interaction with pets during the corona pandemic. The Covid-19 case that occurs in pets is thought to be due to the intense interaction of the owner who is suspected of being positive for Covid-19. So, if there is a suspicion that the owner has been exposed to Covid-19, you should avoid interacting with … Read More

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First Aid After Dog Bite To Avoid Infection

Having a pet like a dog is adorable. However, it would be a different story if this furry animal started to bite until it caused a wound. 1 in 5 dog bites require medical attention to prevent infection. So, what should be done the first time after being bitten by a dog?

The danger of leaving dog bite marks on

Not just pets, dogs can also be your most loyal friends. Keeping a dog has been shown to help reduce stress, improve fitness (when training it), and become a playmate for your little one.
However, dogs’ natural instincts as canines can still bite those around them when they feel threatened. Not only does it hurt, dog bite marks can also spread bacteria that can lead to infection, injury, even if it is severe it can cause death.

About 60 different types of bacteria are found in a dog’s mouth, but only a few can make you sick. The following are various diseases caused by dog bites, including:


Rabies is one of the most serious infections caused by dog bites. The rabies virus can affect the brain and is almost always fatal when symptoms occur. The rabies virus is able … Read More

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13 Ways To Treat Dog Rabies

The Most Complete Rabies is a deadly virus that can spread to humans through the saliva of infected animals, generally transmitted through bites. The animals most likely to transmit rabies are raccoons, foxes and dogs, and the most risky for humans because the dogs that interact most often are dogs.

The disease is always fatal with flu-like symptoms and can last for days. It is said that rabies cannot be cured and we wait until the infected dog dies, but as progress has been developed, including in the field of medicine, help and treatment can still be provided. At least to prevent the virus from spreading more widely, prevent transmission, and increase life expectancy for these dogs. How to? Let’s see in full in the following article, 13 ways to treat rabies dogs.

1. Watch for Symptoms

Dogs infected with rabies have several phases of symptoms ranging from mild, moderate, to severe. Pay attention to the symptoms at what phase your dog is experiencing in advance to determine the best treatment. In the first phase, the dog will have decreased appetite, fever, changes in tone when barking, and likes to bite indistinctly at certain places.
At this time, there is … Read More

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