These are the 5 smartest animals in the world

Dolphins, chimpanzees, dogs, cats, and whales are animals that have been known for their intelligence for a long time. Even so, as reported by, the following unexpected animals are no less intelligent.

Their intelligence varies, from running away without a trace, remembering human faces and holding grudges, running away, to killing humans. Can you guess the animals?

1. The Crow

Ravens are one of the smartest birds. Ravens are capable of thinking like a seven year old human. They have such a sophisticated photographic memory that they are able to remember where they put and store objects, including their prey.

They understand that everyone is different. Ravens are able to remember and understand human faces, and even hold grudges for some. They can also communicate between crows and let them know when danger is coming.

2. Octopus

Despite their soft, squishy appearance, octopuses are very clever animals. Squid, octopus, and cuttlefish are the smartest animals in the category of invertebrates or animals without a backbone.

Many aquariums struggle because the octopus is always able to escape using its intelligence and elastic body. They are able to open jars, solve puzzles, and are always curious animals.

On the seabed, octopuses … Read More

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Types of Dairy Cows Best Producing Milk

There are many types of dairy cows, aka milk-producing cows. This type of female cow is used to collect milk after giving birth. The bulls are also used as male sires, and can also be traded as beef cattle. There are several types of the best dairy cows.

Frisian Holstein

This dairy cow is most popular and widely cultivated around the world. White skin color with black hue, very easy to recognize. Frisian Holstein cattle are also highly adaptable and can live in subtropical to tropical environments. Frisian Holstein cattle are also widely used by dairy farms as milk-producing cows. This cow is popular because it is the largest producer of dairy cows compared to other cows, which is able to produce up to 53 liters of milk per day under optimal conditions.

Brown swiss

As the name suggests, this dairy cow is brown in color and is a hybrid of the braunvieh cow originating from Switzerland. Another name for this cow is American Brown Swiss. Widely cultivated in the world, this cow has superior milk quality and abundant quantity. However, this cow is not suitable for use as beef cattle.


Another type of cow that is also popular … Read More

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The Right Way To Train Chirping Birds

In raising birds, we must have hopes, even dreams. The first thing we hope is that the birds we keep and have a voice with competitive quality. This can be a source of pride, especially if dreams come true. Namely when someday the transfer price of our beloved bird can reach tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of rupiah after becoming a champion subscription in various competitions.

However, caring for a bird so that it has a myriad of achievements is not an easy matter and cannot be conjured up in a day or two. Birds are raised and started to be trained from the time they are caught or from captivity. In a competition, no matter how good it sounds, the judges or other bird hobbyists do not necessarily glimpse it. As a result, the selling value of birds cannot immediately skyrocket. To achieve a high transfer value, a beloved bird must go through various tests by participating in various competitions, so that it can be seen that the bird really has a mental steel and is not a carbon.

Birds that perform well are usually not birds that are still “first-hand”. The bird may have changed … Read More

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