Dog or Cat Adoption Fee

Giving life to your children will cost you money. The same is the case with raising a dog or cat.

While adopting doesn’t cost money, there is still money to spend on caring for dogs and cats. The amount of this fee varies, depending on the breed of dog or cat you adopt and the care for it. However, the range is not more than a million, which is generally used to buy food, build cages and maintain cleanliness, carry out routine maintenance, such as bathing, cutting hair and nails, deworming, etc., as well as health checks, namely sterilization, vaccination, and if at any time sick.

Steps to Adopt

Adopting dogs and cats from the shelter has several advantages. First, the dog or cat in the shelter has been sterilized beforehand so you don’t need to do sterilization again. Second, you can ask the shelter about the animal’s history. For example, how it behaves, if it is near children, or what are the habits of the animal, is there a certain disease, or has it been vaccinated or not. Third, you simultaneously help the shelter empty a room so that it can be occupied by other stray dogs or cats.… Read More

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These are the 3 fastest horse races in the world that are suitable for horse racing

In this world, there are several horses that are judged to have extraordinary running speed. One of the sports in the Asian Games is horse riding. Not just riding a horse, it involves the skill of riding, jumping or running on a horse. Of course the main character in this sport is not only the rider but also the horse. In this world, there are several horses that are judged to have extraordinary running speed. Like a land jet, this is the 3 fastest horse races in the world

1. Arabian

Arabian horses are usually used for traditional racing events, but they excel in terms of endurance compared to other horse breeds in the world today. When the race distance is 50 miles or more, there is a chance that Arabian horses will win the race, even if they have a relatively slower speed compared to other races. What makes this race superior for speed is its stamina. Instead of running fast, horses can maintain speed for even longer periods of time. Unlike other fast horse breeds, Arabian horses are generally quite friendly and temperamental.

This may be because of its extensive history with mankind. There is evidence to suggest … Read More

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7 Tips for Buying Cats at the Pet Shop For Beginners

Raising pets is now a hobby that has turned into a lifestyle that is loved by many people. One type of animal that is widely used as a pet is a cat.The high public interest in raising cats has made various pet shops provide cats for adoption. For those who want to buy or adopt a cat, especially a young one at the pet shop, here are some tips that can be done so that the cat you get is in good health and in normal circumstances.

1. Age

Before buying a cat, the first thing to consider is its age. This condition needs to be considered because the treatment that needs to be done is certainly different for each cat.
In addition, the condition of a cat’s personality and habits and physical form of course also differ at each age. Cats that are still small or in other terms are referred to as kittens, of course they will look more adorable but require higher supervision. When choosing a kitten, the cat should have enough age to be able to live independently and feed on its own. The cat you want to buy is at least 3 months old.


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