5 Causes of Sudden Death of Rabbits

For you ornamental rabbit lovers or rabbit breeders, see this important info. Sometimes rabbits can die suddenly, what are the causes of rabbits dying suddenly?

Because the Rabbit is Sick

The first point that causes a rabbit to die is due to illness, and he can develop disease because of the bacteria that enter his body or his weak immune system. So even though the pain comes from the Creator, we still try to prevent it.

You do this by caring for the cage, cleaning the place, removing dirt and paying attention to his daily diet. But if your rabbit is already sick then just treat it without delay or even being left alone. Just imagine, rabbits that have been treated may not be completely cured, let alone not treated at all.

Inadequate Rabbit Food

One of the reasons your rabbits die is due to food factors or improper feeding. For example, my friend gives food that contains preservatives and chemicals, so that the rabbit is poisoned. Or it could be because the staple food is not clean and contains parasites.

Like a rabbit who is fed vegetables, but it turns out that the vegetables have not been washed clean, … Read More

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Not Just A Foamy Mouth, This Is Another Characteristic Of Rabies Infected Dogs

Getting to know the characteristics of rabies dogs is not only important for the owners of these furry animals, but also for everyone. This is because the virus that causes this disease is dangerous, including humans. Rabies is found in many places. Every year, rabies causes the death of more than 50 thousand people and millions of animals worldwide. Although it can affect all mammals, in fact this disease is more associated as a disease in dogs. That is why, countries like the United States require pet dogs to be vaccinated.

Causes of rabies

Animals affected by rabies contain thousands of viruses that cause this disease in their saliva. That is why, one way of transmission is by biting, or contacting the saliva with an open wound. In America, carriers of this disease virus are wild animals such as bats, raccoons, skunks to foxes. Therefore, pet dogs will have a higher risk of developing this disease when they often come into contact with these animals.

Characteristics and symptoms of rabies

After being bitten or exposed to a rabid animal, the rabies virus in dogs will not cause any symptoms until it reaches the brain. After that the rabies virus will … Read More

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