10 Animals Declared Extinct in the Last 50 Years

The existence of living things on earth cannot be separated from natural selection, a selection that determines whether the creature can maintain its kind to live or die in the face of extinction. Living things can defend their existence from extinction by reproducing, but there are also many factors that hinder the rate of reproduction.

Especially animals, not all animals with various types can defend themselves from extinction. In fact, over the last 50 years many animals have had to face extinction. What animals are they?

1. Japanese Sea Lion

The Japanese sea lion or Latin name Zalophus japonicus is a water mammal that has been declared extinct. This statement of the extinction of the sea lion typical of East Asia was put forward in the 1970s.

In fact, at the beginning of the 20th century, the Japanese sea lion population was very abundant and spread across Japan, Korea, and the southeastern Russian region. However, with the excessive exploration of the fishermen, this animal population is shrinking. Until the 1940’s this species was declared nearly extinct.

2. Duck Oustalet

Mariana Mallard or commonly known as oustalet duck is a duck endemic to the Mariana Islands in Pacific waters. Oustalet duck … Read More

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Recognize the Causes of Pet Dogs Become Fierce and Aggressive

Shocked, the first response came from pet owners who care for their dogs at home. The shock of the dog’s owner sticks out when a pet that is treated is known to be docile and never shows a fierce and aggressive attitude, suddenly giving a sign of growling orbiting. Pet owners who care for dogs are often ignorant and less concerned about a number of things. This buildup of unresolved problems is one of the reasons they appear fierce and aggressive. The cause of dogs being aggressive and fierce is certainly not something that pleases you, this becomes a bad thing in the judgment of the owner. Some fairly common causes that you need to know about the dog’s shaking and aggression, dog lover needs to consider several possibilities that are happening.

 1. Disease

 2. Frustration

 3. The Environment Turns Into Unsafe

 4. Signal Treatment They Receive

 5. Interrupted the Presence of Other Animals

 6. New Changes

 7. Protect Objects

 8. Defend Yourself from Pressure


The most common cause of dogs being fierce and aggressive looks first is the possibility of being sick. A sick dog can be sensitive to some triggers that cause illness or want a calm … Read More

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