13 Ways To Treat Dog Rabies

The Most Complete Rabies is a deadly virus that can spread to humans through the saliva of infected animals, generally transmitted through bites. The animals most likely to transmit rabies are raccoons, foxes and dogs, and the most risky for humans because the dogs that interact most often are dogs.

The disease is always fatal with flu-like symptoms and can last for days. It is said that rabies cannot be cured and we wait until the infected dog dies, but as progress has been developed, including in the field of medicine, help and treatment can still be provided. At least to prevent the virus from spreading more widely, prevent transmission, and increase life expectancy for these dogs. How to? Let’s see in full in the following article, 13 ways to treat rabies dogs.

1. Watch for Symptoms

Dogs infected with rabies have several phases of symptoms ranging from mild, moderate, to severe. Pay attention to the symptoms at what phase your dog is experiencing in advance to determine the best treatment. In the first phase, the dog will have decreased appetite, fever, changes in tone when barking, and likes to bite indistinctly at certain places.
At this time, there is … Read More

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5 Ways to Stop a Puppy from Biting and Chewing on Things

Dog Toy Recommendations

They explore the world with their mouths and newly grown teeth. Unfortunately, their exploration did not stop at chew toy. Your child’s shoes, furniture, sofa, pillows, toys, and various other objects are included in the list of target bites.

This is a habit that must be controlled immediately. The reason is, this is not only detrimental to you, but also dangerous for your health. What if one of those things was sharp and injured him? Surely you don’t want that to happen, do you?

Why do puppies like to bite things?

Biting or chewing is normal behavior for dogs. For puppies, chewing an object will strengthen their jaw and relieve anxiety. Like babies, puppies also feel uncomfortable when their teeth are growing, and chewing something will make them feel better.
Apart from teething, boredom is also one of the driving factors for dogs to chew and bite. As you know, dogs are social animals and they need to interact with dogs or other creatures. If they don’t get enough attention or training, they’ll take it out by “smashing” things in your house.

Protect your furniture

Before completing the basic training, it’s a good idea to limit the … Read More

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Know these 3 things before adopting a pet cat

Who likes watching videos of cute cat behavior?

The desire to keep a cat at home can arise because of anxiety when watching the video. However, it could also be because they feel pity and do not have the heart to see cats abandoned by their fate in shelters or on the streets.

Whatever the reason, when adopting a cat you need to know a few basic things to ensure the animal attains the well being it deserves. It would be better if, before officially adopting a cat, you have looked up what basic needs this animal needs. So, what are some things that you should know before adopting a cat as a pet?

List essential necessities

As illustrated in this illustration by Ayang Cempaka, here is a series of tools and foods that are important to have when raising a cat. For example, food. Depending on the cat’s breed and digestive system, cat owners should know whether their pet needs dry or wet food. Do not miss the maintenance tools to keep animals clean.

Choose cat litter litter as needed

There are two types of sand for cat’s litter box, namely sand that easily clumps or is in the … Read More

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