Here Are The Myths About The Wrong Dog

For every interesting dog fact out there, there are also various myths that often surround him. The problem is, myths about dogs can misunderstand these furry animal lovers. Well, this misconception can cause mistakes in caring for it to endanger the health of the dog or its owner. So, what are the myths about dogs that need to be known? Come on, see the full review below.

Dry Nose in Dogs Does Not Mean Sick

This myth about dogs is quite common among dog lovers. Some people believe that a dog’s nose that is dry and feels warm is a trivial matter. In fact, this is not the case. A dry nose in a dog is not always a sign that the dog is sick. However, a dry nose, let alone crusty, can be a symptom of a dog experiencing dehydration to a fever.
There are also other symptoms that can be observed, such as:

• Vomiting and diarrhea.
• Loss of appetite.
• Urinating more or less frequently than usual.
• Coughing and sneezing.
• Discharge from the eyes, ears, or nose.

So, the way you can do to make sure your dog has a fever or not, is … Read More

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6 Ways to Maintain the Health of Your Favorite Cat

If we have a pet cat, we will be happy if the animal is healthy and cheerful. But once the animal is sick, we as the owner feel discouraged and the heart becomes restless. Therefore, make sure to always take care of our cat’s health. In various ways below:

1. Care

Long-haired cats need to be brushed every day. Not only prevents hair from becoming tangled and looks optimal. It turns out that by combing cat hair, the cat’s muscles will become stronger

For our pet cat with short hair. We still have to pet our cat with damp hands to keep the fur clean.

2. Fleas

If we see our beloved cat scratching its body, it could be a sign that there are fleas on its body. Often our beloved cat bites its own skin, a sign that we should be vigilant.

There are many easy treatments and products to treat this flea problem, but if you are still unsure, you can consult a vet. Never forget to clean the bed and around the bed.

One of the natural ways that can be used to get rid of fleas is mixing 1 liter of water and 1 tablespoon of … Read More

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How to make cats obedient to their owners

Cats are known as tame animals and are very friendly to humans, most of them are very obedient to their owners, but there are some cats that when they are kept don’t even want to obey, so in this article I will give tips on how to make cats obedient to the owner.

How to Train Cats to Obey Their Owners

Here are some ways you might try to make your cat obedient and tame

1. Give regular meals

Always try to give food to cats regularly so they don’t starve, this can make them depend on you as the owner, so the cat will obey you. You can feed him 3 times a day and try to make a schedule.

Cats who are used to being fed regularly are sure to be more obedient to you, and they will not steal and look for food in other places such as trash cans, but they seem to always wait for you until you feed them again and again.

2. Always provide a drink

Usually cats after eating will immediately drink, therefore always prepare a place to drink for them. Always check if the drink is still there and still clean. … Read More

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