Types of Dairy Cows Best Producing Milk

There are many types of dairy cows, aka milk-producing cows. This type of female cow is used to collect milk after giving birth. The bulls are also used as male sires, and can also be traded as beef cattle. There are several types of the best dairy cows.

Frisian Holstein

This dairy cow is most popular and widely cultivated around the world. White skin color with black hue, very easy to recognize. Frisian Holstein cattle are also highly adaptable and can live in subtropical to tropical environments. Frisian Holstein cattle are also widely used by dairy farms as milk-producing cows. This cow is popular because it is the largest producer of dairy cows compared to other cows, which is able to produce up to 53 liters of milk per day under optimal conditions.

Brown swiss

As the name suggests, this dairy cow is brown in color and is a hybrid of the braunvieh cow originating from Switzerland. Another name for this cow is American Brown Swiss. Widely cultivated in the world, this cow has superior milk quality and abundant quantity. However, this cow is not suitable for use as beef cattle.


Another type of cow that is also popular as a dairy cow is the jersey cow. This cow has the characteristic of being able to produce milk with a high fat content. Therefore, milk from jersey cows is very good when processed into cheese and butter. You could say, gray, white, brown to dark red cows are one of the oldest types of cattle.


Having a white body color with brown stripes, the Ayrshire cattle are popular in Scotland. The size of this cow is bigger than the jersey cow. The feed given can also be of low quality feed. In addition, ayrshire cattle are resistant to weather attacks. During one lactation period, this cow can produce 3,500 liters of milk.

Norwegian red

This cattle from Norway has the advantage of high levels of health and productivity. Red norwegian cattle can breed quickly. Although not as much as the Frisian Holstein cow, this brown cow with a white pattern can produce up to 18 liters of milk per day.