These are the 5 smartest animals in the world

Dolphins, chimpanzees, dogs, cats, and whales are animals that have been known for their intelligence for a long time. Even so, as reported by, the following unexpected animals are no less intelligent.

Their intelligence varies, from running away without a trace, remembering human faces and holding grudges, running away, to killing humans. Can you guess the animals?

1. The Crow

Ravens are one of the smartest birds. Ravens are capable of thinking like a seven year old human. They have such a sophisticated photographic memory that they are able to remember where they put and store objects, including their prey.

They understand that everyone is different. Ravens are able to remember and understand human faces, and even hold grudges for some. They can also communicate between crows and let them know when danger is coming.

2. Octopus

Despite their soft, squishy appearance, octopuses are very clever animals. Squid, octopus, and cuttlefish are the smartest animals in the category of invertebrates or animals without a backbone.

Many aquariums struggle because the octopus is always able to escape using its intelligence and elastic body. They are able to open jars, solve puzzles, and are always curious animals.

On the seabed, octopuses like to use coconut shells as a shield from various threats.

3. Horses

Horses have become animals that humans admire and appreciate. Ownership of horses is also often a symbol of social and economic status because horses are considered prestigious animals.

Horses are also intelligent animals. They can understand symbols, signals, and are able to communicate in a variety of ways. In addition to learning fast in training, horses are also able to understand how the bolts work so they can run away.

4. Honey bees

Apart from animals that are very beneficial to the Earth, honey bees are also very smart. They live in colonies led by queen bees, when they sense food, they will ‘dance’ to alert other bees.

Their dance is also called the waggle dance, which shows the colony that there is a source of food for them.

Scientists also found that honey bees count too. In the bee world, blue means addition and yellow means subtraction.

5. Ants

When alone, ants are not the smartest insects. However, when they get together with the colony, they are very efficient. Ants have a wonderful way of assigning tasks and are highly cooperative. Ants tend to have a larger brain size than other insects. Several hundred ants of a certain kind could even kill a human.