These 4 Tips on Safe Caring for Pets Amid Corona Pandemic

Not long ago, news revealed that some animals such as a tiger named Nadia in the United States, a dog in Hong Kong, and a cat in Belgium, were exposed to Covid-19. The animals are suspected to be infected with corona because they often interact with humans. This certainly makes animal owners worried that their exposure will be exposed to the corona virus. And as a result, many animal owners have finally decided to release their pet.

However, you don’t need to worry too much. Because at this time, the transmission of the corona virus from animals to humans or vice versa, and also between animals and animals has not been scientifically proven. Even so, it’s a good idea to keep your pet clean or healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Keep Interaction

The first thing you should do is to maintain interaction with pets during the corona pandemic. Cases of Covid-19 that occur in pets are suspected due to the intense interaction of the owner who is suspected to be positive for Covid-19. So, if there is a suspicion that the owner is exposed to Covid-19, you should avoid interacting with his pet. Leave an animal or ask for help from others to maintain and maintain it temporarily. Even though the owner is in good health, interactions should be limited, because the Covid-19 transmission process between humans and animals is still uncertain. And the owner must maintain his endurance, by adopting a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, and consumption of a complete mulvitamin

Give Enough Food and Drink

Make sure the pet owner always provides enough food and drink for the pet. For pets that lick like dogs, it is best to avoid touching the area around the mouth, nose, or areas of animal waste. Always wash your hands with running water and soap before and after feeding a pet. And pet owners are also advised to wear a mask if the pet shows symptoms of flu or cough.

Consult a Veterinarian

If the animal starts showing symptoms of illness, such as no appetite, drinking is reduced, weak or lethargic. So it’s good to immediately consult a veterinarian or go to the clinic.

Avoid Removing Pets

If there is a suspicion that an animal owner or family member is exposed to Covid-19, it is better if the pets in the house remain on the deck or are not allowed to roam just like that. This is of course to prevent potential transmission to pets. In essence, avoid overreacting and as much as possible maintain these animals properly. Do not let because you’re too worried, pets are released just like that.