The Greatness of the Eagle

One of the advantages that distinguishes the eagle from other bird species is when a storm or strong wind comes. Unlike other birds, the eagle waits for a storm. The Eagle was ready to spread his wings and was watching with his vision when the storm came. Therefore when a storm comes he will face it and use that storm to soar. When the storm comes, the eagle does not flap its wings, but spreads its wings.

In addition, this eagle realizes that there are times when it needs to be renewed, because of that the eagle often takes time to be silent to be renewed. When he realized that the strength of his wings was decreasing, he was patient, kept silent and did not force himself to fly. And do you know where he renewed himself? The eagle is looking for a place high on a rocky hill!

Another greatness is the age of the eagle which can reach 70 years. But to reach that age is a choice for an eagle, whether he wants to live to be 70 years or only up to 40 years.
In order to live another 30 years, he had to go through a very painful transformation of the body. And it is at this time that the eagle must make the choice to go through that painful transformation.

By the age of 40 the eagle’s beak is so bent and long it reaches its neck that it will have difficulty eating. And the claws weren’t sharp either. In addition, the feathers on its wings are so thick that it is difficult for them to fly high.

If an eagle decides to go through this painful bodily transformation, it must fly in search of the high mountains and then build a nest on the top of the mountain. Then he would peck his beak against the rocks in the mountain so that the beak fell off.

After a while a new beak will appear, and using that new beak it will pull out one by one and wait for a new, sharper nail to grow. And when the nails have grown it will pluck out its wing feathers and fall off all and wait for new feathers to grow on its wings. When all that has been passed, the eagle can fly back and live its normal life. Such is the painful transformation that an eagle has to go through for about half a year.

Indeed, God created the Eagle for human study to contemplate and complain about his fate until he forgot that he was more valuable and superior than the eagle and other creations.
Often times we have difficult times (storms) in life, but they are all good for our lives. God often uses the hardships and even the storms of life to transform our lives so that we become human beings who don’t give up easily and come out victorious in every problem in life that we experience.