The 4 most prominent differences between male and female cats

Cats are cute animals that are currently being kept by the community and used as pets and friends to play with at home. Moreover, many of them even cultivate it by marrying their cats. There are many kinds of cats that you can adopt at home, such as domestic cats, Angora cats, Persian cats or jungle cats. However, not all types of cats are free to be kept. Because there are several types of cats that have received protection from the government so that not just people have them like wild cats.

So for those of you who want to adopt a cat, it is advisable to choose only legal cats. For example, domestic cats or Persian cats and Angora cats. If you are really interested in getting a cat, you must be careful how to distinguish male and female cats. Especially for those of you who want to buy a pair of male and female cats for cultivation. What are the differences between male and female cats?

Difference between male and female cats

Distinguishing male and female cats is quite easy, unlike small animals, for example sugar gliders or fish. It’s just that to find out the difference between male and female cats you need careful accuracy. Here’s a tutorial on how to find out the differences between male and female cats:

Looking at the cat genitals

The easiest way to distinguish can be seen from the gender. However, this method does not apply to newborn cats. Because newborn kittens choose a small gender that is very difficult to detect.In addition, the majority of small cats’ genitals are also difficult to see because they are covered by fur. You can check him out when he is 2 months old. That is, if you see a lump near their stomach then it is a male cat and vice versa if there is no lump it means a female cat.

Measuring the pubic distance between female and male cats

If by looking at the cat’s genitals now you can’t tell which cat is female and which cat is male, then try this second method. The second difference is knowing the distance between the genitals and the anus. If your cat is male, usually the distance between the genitals and the anus is far apart and if the distance between the cat’s genitals and the anus is close together then it’s a female cat. Have a look at the picture above. How easy is that?

Cat Color

Generally, the colors of male and female cats are also different. To distinguish male and female cats, you can see from the color of the cat’s body. However, this method is not completely accurate. If I find a cat with a pattern of one color such as black only or black and white or red, it is usually a male cat.

However, if you find a cat with 3 colors, aka stripes between black, yellow and white, it is usually female. Even so, sometimes there are also female cats that have a plain body color, only one color.

The Behavioral Characters of Male Cats and Females Are Different

Point one to point three is to explain the physical differences between male and female cats. So this time we will see how the characters differ between the two. Male cats are usually aggressive and like to mark their territory with urine that smells strong. Meanwhile, females tend to be calm and never mark their territory. In addition, male cats also have thick body skin and a head that is larger than female cats.

Those are the four differences between male and female cats. You can try checking it yourself at home by lifting the cat slowly and then opening its tail so that it shows the shape of the genitals. Well that’s it from us, good luck.