The Florida Wildlife Corridor

Animal Expedition Suite By Stampin’ Up!

Perhaps, as with a number of other animals, they were tamed at one time, however then found not to be economically useful relative to the labor involved in preserving them. After individuals have gone to the effort of accommodating their own behavior to the profitable maintaining of another species which then offered meat, skins, hair, bone, and perhaps milk, why do the job another time except for some particular cause? If you have a prehistoric tradition with sheep, goats, pigs, and cattle, why domesticate gazelles? Besides, gazelles at first taming remain rather ‘spooky,’ and so are a bother to have around the house. Within the following 5,000 years, a lot of the world’s main food-crops have been being cultivated, and many of the home animals have been being reared and saved. The correlations between these events—the major climatic changes of the post-glacial, and the … Read More

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