4 Ways To Preserve Animals So As Not To Experience Extinction

Protecting the environment, be it plants or animals, is one of the tasks that should be done by humans. This will also have an impact on our survival. The importance of preserving wildlife is even commemorated every March 3 and September 4, The purpose of the Wildlife Day is to remind us that we can continue to fight crime against wildlife, especially for endangered and protected animals. Now, to support the preservation of these animals, we can try to do 4 ways in the following page, here.

No Hunting

One of the causes of extinction occurs is that many often hunt for these animals. Although there is Law number 5 of 1990 that explains what animals can and should not be hunted, there are still many illegal hunters who catch or kill protected animals. This hunt is usually done to take some parts of the body of animals that are considered to have high selling points, for example, ivory on elephants and horns on rhinos. Some are even sold to serve as pets. Some animals cannot be cared for just anywhere and require special treatment. People who hunt illegally will also get criminal penalties. So, if you see anyone committing … Read More

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