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The reality is that people were often the aggressors, the wild animals the victims. Also true was that many groups of hunters, of various occasions and areas, developed their own myths of relationships with one sort of animal or another and even ideas that the animals had been cooperating in providing themselves for human use. Such myths, related to rituals of prayers earlier than a hunt and thanksgiving after, positioned the animals in special roles in the human culture, all of which was unknown to the animals. Without long-time period protection, vital parts of the Florida Wildlife Corridor are at risk of fragmentation – either by roads or other improvement. Fragmenting the Corridor threatens the flexibility of wildlife to journey, restricts breeding opportunities and ultimately harms plant and animal communities.

Because of its commitment to environmentally pleasant travel and the distinctive high quality of its adventures, we are proud to partner with Natural Habitat Adventures to offer conservation-minded travel experiences. Conservation Travel is a critical tool to speed up the preservation of nature.

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