Dozens of unique animals on the market in Netherlands, incl. unlawful & invasive species: Report

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Other Species

Biologist Clifford Warwick writes in in Journal of Animal Ethics that the keeping of unique pets is immoral. He’s writing particularly about reptiles, however lots of the same issues apply to exotic mammals and birds.

However, it is a special occasion when we get to deal with a fowl, rabbit, reptile or pocket pet. Animal Care Center of Downers Grove is pleased to offer exotic pet care and supply the compassionate, one-on-one care they deserve. Whether your companion has scales, feathers or fur, we all know how important they’re to you, and you may be assured we’ll do all we are able to to provide them the healthiest and longest life attainable. Guo Jinghui, who is in control of the WAP unique pet report, stated that the general public mustn’t buy or elevate wild animals as pets. Exotic pets are outlined as uncommon animals saved within households, and they’re usually wild species which embody fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds.

A wildlife ecology professor on the University of Florida likened the situation to “a sluggish-burning fuse lit to an ecological bomb.” Meanwhile, the exotic pet industry within the US makes $15 billion annually, and other people proceed to purchase that flashy, unique pet that sounds alluring however is severely harmful to both them and society at large. Each year millions of exotic animals are sold around the globe, destined for people’s basements and backyards. The term “unique” doesn’t have a set definition, however it often refers to a wild … Read More