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The Animal Kingdom

Wherever people have ventured, they have brought pigs together with them. Colonists carried pigs with them to distant lands, proliferating pig farming throughout the world.

Netflix Acquires China’s ‘Animal World’ Co-starring Michael Douglas (Exclusive)

The majority of such proposed generalizations are isomorphic to a simple recreation of modular arithmetic, where half the variations are wins for participant one. For instance, Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard could also be modeled as a recreation in which each participant picks a quantity from one to 5. Subtract the number chosen by participant two from the quantity chosen by participant one, after which take the remainder modulo 5 of the outcome.

These single-module NRPS proteins include Ebony, from several insects including Drosophila melanogaster, and ACSF-U26, from vertebrates including humans (Fig. 6A). Ebony is one of the oldest known NRPS genes, though it was not characterised as such until pioneering work in the 2000s . It … Read More

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