Australia’s Endangered Animals

endangered animal

How Many Animals Are Currently Endangered?

Over the previous four years, we’ve given $2.1 million to support conservation efforts for endangered species and habitats. Our objective is to donate $1 million annually to conservation efforts through our GiveBack Partners. Endangered animals are animals which might be in danger of changing into extinct. This means that there will be no more of these animals alive on earth. An animal is considered endangered or “threatened” when there are very few of them alive.

The Akohekohe, Or Crested Honeykeeper, Is The Largest Bird Of Its Kind In Maui And Is Predominantly Threatened By Deer.

We’re dropping species at an alarming rate, and scientists warn we’re nearing one other mass extinction. Tell your members of Congress to guard endangered species by passing the PAW and FIN Conservation Act.

Endangered (EN) – A taxon is Endangered when one of the best obtainable proof indicates that … Read More

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