So that the dog does not get sick after being invited to travel

Taking care of a dog isn’t just about being diligent about feeding it. PetLovers also needs to pay attention to cleanliness and psychological health. Keeping the dog clean can be done by regularly washing it or bringing it grooming in a special salon for pets. But what about his psychological health?

Make no mistake, dogs also have the potential for stress just like humans. This can occur due to external factors from the surrounding environment. To prevent this, you can spend more time with your beloved dog by traveling. So that your dog doesn’t get sicker after traveling, here are some tips.

Before traveling take your dog to the vet

Visiting the vet before traveling with your dog is a must. By visiting the vet you can provide additional protection for your dog before traveling. This is especially true if the dog shows signs of stress (such as anxiety or changes in attitude) prior to the trip. Take your dog to the vet a few weeks before you travel. If the destination is far away, it is advisable to visit the veterinarian several months before the departure date. Doctors will usually provide additional supplements to keep the dog in good shape. It’s also a good idea to bring the dog to the salon for grooming so that it can move freely.

Be aware of the possibility of motion sickness

In addition to the potential for stress, dogs also have the same potential for motion sickness as humans. Motion sickness in dogs is triggered by a feeling of shock in the dog’s body to vehicle shocks. Usually dogs will look restless to diarrhea when motion sickness. To overcome this, when you visit the vet you should ask for medicine to ward off motion sickness. Just before traveling, you can also give your dog a fibrous supplement to prevent diarrhea due to motion sickness. Don’t forget to bring a towel and cleaning tools just in case.

Walk the dog

It is common knowledge that caring for dogs should not be done carelessly. You can’t take care of a dog just by feeding and drinking it. Dogs also need love and attention. This form of attention to dogs can be done by taking the dog for a walk or playing. Take the dog for a walk in the neighborhood around your house. Besides the dog being happy, you will also be fitter. Apparently, this method can also be done to prevent sick dogs after being invited to travel. Instead of locking the dog indoors, invite him to play outside. As the dog continues to move, the risk of getting sick will decrease.

Give your dog water regularly

If you are traveling to a location that has high temperatures or hot climates, this point is a must. Feed dogs frequently, as they are more prone to heatstroke when compared to humans. We recommend that when buying or bringing your own drink, also provide it for your pet.
This is to prevent the dog from drinking water that contains harmful bacteria. Avoid water that is colored and has a bad odor. Water like this generally contains harmful bacteria that can harm your dog’s digestion. Bring a special container for the dog to drink while traveling.

Bring your own dog food

This last point you should not ignore. Instead of feeding your dog something that is not clear what it is, bring your own dog food. In addition, if you provide different foods while traveling, the dog will lose his appetite and end up not eating. Bring dog food in airtight packaging. You should also avoid wet-type foods that are high in fat. Apart from making your dog feel nauseous, wet dog food also leaks easily.