Right Tips For Feeding Your Cat

Many mistakes often occur when giving cat food. So, here is a guide on how to feed cats that are correct and comfortable. For all animal lovers, it turns out that they want each of their pets to grow and be well cared for. That also applies to cat lovers. A cat that develops healthily will make those of us who care for it feel happy. That way, we can have the efficacy of keeping cats for the body.

A cat that is maintained and healthy cannot be separated from the consumption of the nutrition it provides. Many cat lovers don’t know much about how to feed cats properly. By sharing the right foods, you can be free from the health problems that suffer from them. What’s more, this problem can even interfere with its development, you know. So, you, as the owner, don’t want your favorite cat to get sick because of the wrong feeding method, do you? Mending directly follow the following data.

Feed the Cat at the Right Time

The initial review of the correct method of feeding cats is a method of feeding them regularly according to the schedule. You only want to share food at certain times, for example during the day or in the evening. The main thing is according to the schedule that you have implemented.

Advantage : The advantage of this procedure is that you can certainly monitor food consumption closely. That is, you can recognize whether your favorite cat is experiencing a change in appetite or not. Not only that, if you have many cats, all the cats will be given the same food without one cat feeling more dominant. So everything will develop thoroughly.

Disadvantages : Cats will always ask for food between the meal times that you have set. Cats certainly can’t control how much they can eat at any given time. However, when you follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding the food rations and the schedule given, you don’t need to be afraid anymore if the cat asks to eat continuously.

Give Cats All You Can Eat

If you don’t want to be bothered to always give your cat food according to the schedule, there are other options that you can apply. The procedure for giving as much food as you want is to make it easier for you as the owner and the cat will not ask you for food every time. Many ask whether this procedure can really be tried? His answer is yes.

But this method can only be tried if you give dry food. You cannot share wet food stock in the food container that he has. Wet food is more susceptible to contamination when left to stand. So you can’t apply this with wet food. When your cat doesn’t want to eat the dry food that you have stocked, you also have to replace the dry food with a new one.

The advantage: Your cat can eat a lot according to its own schedule. You don’t need to bother anymore, don’t remember to feed the cat because it’s already in the food container.

Disadvantages: Feeding cats to their heart’s content can cause cats to eat too much or be overweight. You will also find it difficult to tell whether the cat’s appetite will change, for the better or for the worse. In essence, giving an all-you-can-eat meal that is not managed properly will cause your cat to become overweight or face other health problems.

You already know the 2 procedures above. You can choose one of these 2 procedures that you can apply to your cat. Now is the time for you to share data about the mistakes that cat lovers often make when distributing food to their pets.

Excessive Feeding

For a veterinarian from the University of Tennessee in the United States, the most common mistake that people make when giving cat food is giving too much food. This can lead to obesity which can occur in all cats.

From obesity, you can get other problems such as diabetes, arthritis or urinary tract problems. So you should give enough rations for the cat’s nutritional needs per day. You guys can share near 24-35 calories per day per 0.5 kilograms of your cat’s weight.

Don’t Just Give Your Cat a Dry Food

The next mistake is to only provide dry food every day for your beloved cat. This should be avoided because dry food does not produce water, while cats also need water for their daily needs.

Cats are not as sensitive as dogs when it comes to drinking needs that must be filled. Therefore, we as owners must provide a place to drink to always make it easy to find drinking water. So, if you only give dry food, then the cat can’t get the minerals contained in it. Sharing wet food will keep cats from losing body fluids and urinary tract pain.

Don’t Just Sharing a Little Water to Your Cat

Of course, water is a very important part for all living things including cats. According to the experts at the ASPCA, even old cats have 60% – 70% water contained in their bodies. Giving it a little water will actually have a serious impact on the cat’s life because it can cause various cat diseases.

Although wet food can help meet the needs of water in their bodies, cats also really need a source of mineral water so they can always fill their bodies with water. In fact many cats like running water rather than water in a container, this is because they can detect chlorine in tap water.

Don’t make the wrong choice and don’t do things that shouldn’t be given when giving cat food. Hopefully this data is useful for you