Recognize the Causes of Pet Dogs Become Fierce and Aggressive

Shocked, the first response came from pet owners who care for their dogs at home. The shock of the dog’s owner sticks out when a pet that is treated is known to be docile and never shows a fierce and aggressive attitude, suddenly giving a sign of growling orbiting. Pet owners who care for dogs are often ignorant and less concerned about a number of things. This buildup of unresolved problems is one of the reasons they appear fierce and aggressive. The cause of dogs being aggressive and fierce is certainly not something that pleases you, this becomes a bad thing in the judgment of the owner. Some fairly common causes that you need to know about the dog’s shaking and aggression, dog lover needs to consider several possibilities that are happening.

 1. Disease

 2. Frustration

 3. The Environment Turns Into Unsafe

 4. Signal Treatment They Receive

 5. Interrupted the Presence of Other Animals

 6. New Changes

 7. Protect Objects

 8. Defend Yourself from Pressure


The most common cause of dogs being fierce and aggressive looks first is the possibility of being sick. A sick dog can be sensitive to some triggers that cause illness or want a calm atmosphere, not wanting to be disturbed. Pets that have the character of friends with other creatures, it is possible to be angry and fierce.


The inability of dogs to try to achieve something they want can cause frustration. Some of the dogs can vent their frustration to other animals or humans.

The Environment Turns To Be Unsafe

Dogs are one of the animals that are sensitive to security. The presence of something that according to pets makes them insecure in their environment, can respond with a fierce attitude and be aggressive.

Signals of the Treatment They Receive

The treatment of family members or their owners at certain times can trigger the dog to become aggressive. For example, dogs who are agitated, growling and aggressive when they are attached to a harness or other treatment that dogs don’t like. Dogs are fierce when their owners use restraint, it is possible sourced from a rope that is considered to limit their freedom.

Disturbed by the Presence of Other Animals

Dogs that are trained and used to be friendly with other creatures and family members are characteristic of these pets. Generally, dogs that are accustomed to living with other creatures and humans have an attitude of working together. A small portion of dog breeds that have genetic leadership, in certain events it is possible to disturb the presence of other animals that are considered they are inferior when feeling disturbed.

New change

Displacement of a new environment is difficult to avoid for certain reasons. But new changes for pets can be responded positively or negatively. Dogs are aggressive due to changes in the new environment because they feel anxious and depressed and make them easy to behave aggressively.

Protect Objects

The nature of dogs is their ability to protect and protect an object that is valued in their eyes. These objects can be various things, ranging from goods belonging to the owner. Generally, dogs will be aggressive and fierce when in other animals or strangers who are too close to their objects.

 Defend Yourself from Pressure

Past experiences and the nature of living things when experiencing pressure and fear, the response can be to avoid or be aggressive.

Aggressive Dog Attitude Can Be Restored

This question is quite logical in your mind when you see a dog that has been raised to be aggressive and fierce. Pet dog lovers who start aggressively, often ask the prevention and healing of their animals. The aggressive and fierce dog is no guarantee that it can be completely cured. But dog owners can recall the problem by limiting the dog’s exposure to situations, people or things that trigger aggression. Dogs and other pets always pose a risk to the fierce responses that arise and make them aggressive. The easiest way you can apply is preventive measures to ensure that no one is harmed, because a dog that behaves well for years, it is impossible to predict the desired conditions created perfectly. Pet owners need to understand a dog has a history of using aggression as a way to deal with situations that make them stressful, insecure and disturbed.

Dangerous Dog Aggression?

Aggressive dogs are very complex and need deeper knowledge to diagnose their behavior. The aggressive and fierce attitude of dogs can be a dangerous problem if underestimated by their owners. Pet behavior modification training and techniques are known to professional trainers, become natural and can be bitten if the wrong diagnosis. Pet’s aggressive attitude needs to be handled by a professional trainer if the owner is difficult to detect its origin. With proper care and handling, a dog’s temperament becomes suddenly fierce can change for the better.