Aquascape – Supporting Components for Residential Interiors

Is that Aquascape? Aquascape (from “aqua” – water and “scape” – landscape) is the art of making formations or landscapes in an aquarium. This type of art has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The simplest understanding of this meaning describes it as “underwater gardening”, which includes laying techniques, layout, and arrangement of several components – water plants, stone, wood, etc., in a pleasant manner with aesthetics.

Aquascaping came from Japan and became popular because of the work of landscape photographer and water designer Takashi Amano. This idea raised the philosophy of presence, moved meditation, and captivated the human eye. Design ideas must come from the depths of the human soul and be free from facts if it is not easy to make excellent aquascape, so you decide to start this exploration of this amazing art to become an interesting hobby, fight and give satisfaction.

What are the Basic Aquascape Principles?

The aquascape process may look difficult but it’s not as complicated as it looks, as long as you keep and obey some simple principles. Finding the prime balance between scientific principles and creativity is perhaps the most difficult work, but nothing is impossible when we talk about … Read More

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Tips for Caring for Pets

Eating and Drinking

Every animal needs enough food and drink to survive and also needs good nutrition for financial needs. Feeding and drinking carelessly will adversely affect pets. Even feeding does not only look at the quantity aspect, but also the quality. Often discussing with experts or seniors who are more knowledgeable and experienced, of course, will increase knowledge and avoid things that are not desirable in pets.

Cleaning / Bathing Pets

Maintaining cleanliness of pets so as not approved by germs, of course, will also help our health indirectly. For certain animals may not need to be bathed or thrown away such as fish, insects, snails, and others. Wash our animals regularly so they are free from germs.

Give a Good Enclosure and Clean the Enclosure

Pets need good help to live well. For example, such as aquariums for ornamental fish, ponds for koi fish, cages for birds, chicken coops, stables for horses, and so forth. Cleaning the cage, even if it’s not fun, has to be done. This was done so that pets are not overgrown with germs. Cleaning and caring for animal dwellings then routinely avoids the risk of illness or stress due to dirty cages.


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10 Most Expensive Dogs in the World

Apart from cats, dogs are also one of the pets that are in great demand by many people. This dog is known as man’s best friend, easy to train, easy to get close to people, can be a guardian, and smart. If you have previously known TahuPedia about the most expensive type of cat, this time it is the dog’s turn. Which breed or breed has the most expensive price? Could you be interested in buying it? Here is the complete list.

10. Pharaoh Hound – 7,500 USD

An iconic breed of dog from Malta. In Maltese, this dog has another name Kelb tal-Fenek which means Rabbit Dog. So named because the Pharaoh Hound is often used to hunt rabbits. They are very smart, easy to train, and very athletic. Their normal weight ranges from 45 to 55 pounds with male height between 23-25 ​​”and females around 21-24″. For the price of 7,500 USD, Pharaoh Hound has an age range between 11 to 14 years. Maintaining it is practically tricky. Pharaoh Hound is very sensitive to stress. Just like humans, stress can lead to a number of health problems. Pharaoh Hound if you have stress can experience health problems such … Read More

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