Not to bother, these 7 pets are easy to maintain

A number of studies suggest that having a pet can make the mind free from stress and cure mental illness. Even so, owning a pet requires a big commitment and requires you to devote time, attention, money and energy to keeping it. However, you don’t need to be confused because not all pets are difficult to keep. In this article, Kania will share pet references that can be kept hassle-free and ready to accompany your daily life at home. For details, let’s see the review below!

1. Cats

Pets that are often used as memes on the internet are really adorable. For those of you who are interested in adopting it, you don’t need to worry that it will be difficult to care for it. Even though you have spoiled behavior and often ask for food, you must be disciplined in feeding so that your cat can avoid obesity. Don’t forget to take your pet for vaccines, bathe it regularly, and carry out sterilization if needed.

2. Dog

Known for their loyal character, dogs are the most popular pets in the world. Even though it doesn’t require complicated care, those of you who want to adopt a dog as a pet must always pay full attention by taking it to play in the park or jogging together. The first time you get him, try to teach your dog to pee in a special place that has been provided so that the house doesn’t fall apart. You also need to know how to clean the house while keeping pets properly. However, more importantly, don’t forget to take your dog for regular health checks at the vet, so that your dog stays healthy and has a long life.

3. Sugar Glider

This pet has a small size so it is very easy to carry anywhere. Included in marsupial members such as koalas, sugar gliders also have a shape that resembles a flying squirrel. In addition, sugar gliders are also omnivorous pets so you can feed them fruit or small insects as a source of protein. With a very cute pattern, this pet has the ability to bond with its owner so it is suitable to accompany you every day.

4. Hamster

Although they are often equated with mice, hamsters have a cuter appearance and are also smaller in size. This pet is very easy for you to keep because you only need to provide special food and a mini-sized hamster cage. However, you must always clean your favorite pet’s cage in a disciplined manner because hamsters are very easily stressed if their cage is dirty or messy.

5. Birds

Consisting of various types, birds are pets that do not require complicated care. If you are interested in keeping a bird as a pet, you can simply give it water, food, and clean the cage regularly. Interestingly, the chirping sound of these pets can provide a sense of calm and make you free from stress. You can choose the type of bird according to your preferences, such as parrots, canaries, or kacer birds.

6. Tortoise

Other pets that are very easy to care for are turtles. This cute pet with a unique shell that lives in tropical and subtropical regions has a gentle character. Turtles have a slow moving characteristic, so they are very cute and adorable when they see them. What’s more, turtles can live up to 40 years, you know! To nourish and keep it alive, you need good care by feeding it every day.

7. Ornamental Fish

Pets that are very popular with many people are ornamental fish. Ornamental fish care does not require large costs and is very easy to maintain. What’s more, ornamental fish food is very easy to find in various places.

To keep pets that live in this water, you can place ornamental fish in a special pond or put them in an aquarium that is equipped with a water filter. You can also find ways to easily decorate an aquarium on the internet.Before placing your pet into the aquarium, make sure you prepare a fish tank properly, yes! Don’t forget to also feed him twice a day and clean the tank regularly about once a week.

Whatever type of pet is kept, you must be committed to caring for and caring for it with love and not neglecting it. Before deciding to keep a pet, make sure you adapt it to your character.