Not Just Love Animals, Pet Shop Workers Need To Pay Attention To These Things

If you are an animal lover, then working to work in a pet shop can be a way to channel your hobbies as well as earn money. But, just like animals is not enough if you want to work with this profession. You have to be an expert in caring for animals because if you carelessly do it, the animal will experience stress and you can also get negative impacts such as claw wounds and bites. When it comes to salary, here are a variety of salary given. For a type of pet shop that does provide services such as grooming and special training, you can get a salary of around 2.5 to 5 million per month. Not infrequently, there are several pet shops that provide health and life insurance as well as monthly and annual bonuses plus free daily meals.

1. Dear Animals

How do you want to work in a pet shop if you don’t like animals yourself? Therefore this is the first condition that you must fulfill. It does not have to like all animals, but try to like animals that are often used as pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters and other domestic animals.

You also have to be gentle and patient always caring for them. Remember you know animals need to be trained with patience.

2. Know all kinds of animals

Imagine if one of your customers came and asked the type of cat that was in the pet shop where you work and it turns out you can’t answer the question. Of course you will be deemed not to know well the types of animals that are in the pet shop.

Therefore, you also need to know the types of pets so that you can give advice and advice to customers. If you give the wrong information, your customer’s pet will be mistreated and the animal will experience stress.

3. Maintaining Health

Not only maintain the health of pets, you also need to pay attention to your own health. Don’t forget to always cleanse yourself when you are close to a sick animal. Or after cleaning animal waste, so you wash your hands immediately. Because bacteria and germs that exist in animals can also affect you know.

Better to prevent than cure. A reliable pet shop employee can certainly take care of themselves and their pets. For pet health, you can bathe them on a regular schedule and trim their nails and comb their fur to avoid fleas.

4.Already Trained

Of course there is special knowledge that you must learn so that you can train and get used to caring for pets. For example, to become a groomer you need to know how to ruffle different types of animal fur so it doesn’t fall out and how to cut their fur neatly. You can also see the behavior of animals that are in the breeding season and know how to handle it.

This knowledge will not be obtained free of charge. But you don’t need to worry, there are many good pet shop owners who patiently train you to handle their pets well. If you are trained, they will also receive the best service and services from you.


Accuracy and a high level of sensitivity really need you know. Because, you have to know the behavior of animals if they are affected by disease, being mated, under stress or when they are bored. With your accurate accuracy, you can easily do solutions for them such as feeding, giving the right medicine or taking the pet’s morning walks.

Most pet shops need employees who can work multi-tasking, alias can work simultaneously with diverse expertise. For you who are interested in working as an employee, you can learn the science of caring for animals.

With skills and salaries that are already very decent, you can really save little by little to be able to open your own pet shop. Because all of that knowledge has its benefits, you can use the knowledge you have gained to create better opportunities and success in the future.