Know these 3 things before adopting a pet cat

Who likes watching videos of cute cat behavior?

The desire to keep a cat at home can arise because of anxiety when watching the video. However, it could also be because they feel pity and do not have the heart to see cats abandoned by their fate in shelters or on the streets.

Whatever the reason, when adopting a cat you need to know a few basic things to ensure the animal attains the well being it deserves. It would be better if, before officially adopting a cat, you have looked up what basic needs this animal needs. So, what are some things that you should know before adopting a cat as a pet?

List essential necessities

As illustrated in this illustration by Ayang Cempaka, here is a series of tools and foods that are important to have when raising a cat. For example, food. Depending on the cat’s breed and digestive system, cat owners should know whether their pet needs dry or wet food. Do not miss the maintenance tools to keep animals clean.

Choose cat litter litter as needed

There are two types of sand for cat’s litter box, namely sand that easily clumps or is in the form of crystals. Some cat owners prefer to use clumped sand because it is easy to clean and feels soft on the cat’s paw. However, some choose crystal because it is able to absorb liquid well.

A powerful weapon to clean traces and odors caused by cats

Due to the strong smell of cat urine, you need to prepare a cleaner and odor remover, especially for those who live in apartments. You can buy this special cleaner or make your own by making a mixture of one and a half cup warm water and half cup vinegar.

Like a mother and father, you definitely want to provide for all the cats need to ensure they are always healthy and cared for. However, for a beginner there are several products and foods that you don’t really need to prepare at this early stage.

Cat bed

Basically, a cat will sleep wherever it likes. Therefore, when you first adopt this animal, you don’t need to worry about having to prepare a special bed for it to rest.

Cat grass

For domestic cats, 60% of the time will be spent cleaning their body hair. Cat grass is a mixture of wheat, barley, oats, or rye that cats eat to help prevent them from frequently vomiting hairballs. However, this intake is considered not too urgent to have when caring for a cat for the first time. You can provide if needed later.


A variety of tools can be used to play with cats. Such as feathers, tower paint, scratch posts, and many more. In fact, the best game you can give cats is to spend time playing with them. So, there is no need to worry or be forced to have a special toy for cats.