Know the Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Leash

If you are committed to getting a dog, you also need to take him for a walk. Walking your dog has many benefits, one of which is preventing your dog from being exposed to stress. Leaning is not a big problem if your dog is not being aggressive with other animals. However, if your dog has an aggressive attitude, taking him for a walk without a leash becomes a big problem. So, what are the tips for choosing the right dog leash? Check out the following reviews.

Before deciding to buy a dog leash, there are several things you need to pay attention to, one of which is choosing based on the shape of the leash. Broadly speaking, dog leashes are divided into three types, namely 8-shaped, shoulder, and fashionable. In order not to get confused, here are the advantages of each type. Don’t forget to choose according to the type and breed of your dog.

• Hanging on the Neck (8-Shaped)

The first leash looks like a figure eight, with one of the loops worn around the dog’s neck. This leash is suitable for large dogs and dogs who have a habit of pulling on the leash when walked along. In addition, this type of leash is suitable for training dog discipline, and makes it easier for you to exercise control.

• Across Both Shoulders

This type of leash is suitable for dogs with weak respiratory systems or older dogs. This type of strap does not put pressure on the trachea, so it doesn’t make the dog cough. However, if the dog tries to pull, you will have a little trouble, because there is no pressure on the neck. This is what makes this type of leash suitable for dogs with weak respiratory systems or older dogs.

• Fashionable type

The fashionable type of dog leash is usually made in limited quantities or according to customer requests. This type of dog leash comes in a design that is equipped with an iron loop to insert the rope at the back of the body. But the problem is, this type of rope has a weak resistance because it is made of ordinary clothing.
Apart from the type, tips on choosing a dog leash must then be adjusted according to its use. Are you buying a dog leash for animal control or a structure that is easy to attach. It is also important is the strap with reflector tape, so it is safe if you take the dog for a walk at night. If the dog buckles and runs immediately, reflector tape will prevent it from running by holding it down.

Also, you need to consider a strap with a handle on the back to avoid situations requiring quick control. For medium and large dogs who are very active and love to run, it is best to use a leash that attaches to the muzzle or sternum. This type of leash will cause the dog to turn its face toward you when the leash is pulled, making it effective for controlling dogs that have a habit of tugging at the leash.