Know 5 Ways to Take Care of Goats So They Don’t Get Sick Easily

not susceptible to disease, be sure to apply several ways to care for the following goats. As is well known, goat is one type of animal that is widely cultivated. Goat cultivation in Indonesia itself is still done traditionally and many people only make it a side business. Please note, raising your own goats can be said to be easy. If it is wrong in treatment, the goat will get sick easily or cannot develop properly. Well, for those of you who plan to raise goats at home, it’s good to listen to some of the following methods of caring for goats.

Feeding and Drinking

As is well known, one of the staple foods of goats is grass which serves to meet their daily needs. In this feeding, it should not be done carelessly. In addition to providing grass, you should also provide other types of feed. Not only feed, drinking water given to goats also needs attention. Make sure that the drinking water you provide is clean so it doesn’t interfere with the health of the goats.

Generally, in one day, one adult goat needs 1.5-2.5 liters of drinking water. So make sure to give the right amount and according to the goat’s needs. Do you know? Goats will be depressed if they are kept without their goat friends, so your goats must be raised with their partners!

Bathing Pet Goats

In addition to paying attention to the food and drink of your pet goat, the right way to care for goats is to bathe the goats regularly. The purpose of bathing this goat is to improve the health of the goats and also increase their selling value. Keep in mind, to bathe your pet goat should be done at least 2 times a year. By bathing your pet goat regularly, you can anticipate germs, parasites, and fungi nesting in its body. Clean goats will look healthier and also fresher, so the selling price will also be higher.

Disease Control

Did you know that goats are one of the pets that are susceptible to disease. Several types of diseases that are often found in goats such as bloating, worms, pink eye and many more.
In addition, goats also often experience food poisoning problems, especially for goats that are free-range. Then how do you care for the goat? To control some of these diseases, it is very important to do goat farming properly and appropriately. To maintain the health of pet goats, you can do it in several ways, including giving vaccines, giving vitamins and antibiotics and so on.

Cutting Goat Nails

How to care for the next goat that is no less important is by cutting the nails on your favorite goat. Generally, cutting the goat’s nails is done for the type of goat that is often kept in captivity.
Caged goats have faster nail growth than those kept. It should be noted that there are several things that arise due to the goat’s nails being too long. Some of the consequences are difficulty walking, breaking easily and causing infections and injuries and so on.

Choose a quiet farming location

Did you know that goats are a type of pet that requires a calm and comfortable environment. The calm atmosphere will certainly make the goat comfortable so that it increases its appetite.
In addition, the calm atmosphere also makes goats avoid stress which can affect their appetite level.

If your pet goat’s appetite has a problem, the risk of getting disease is also greater. Therefore, you need to try to choose a farm location which is far from noise sources that can disturb the atmosphere of your pet goat. So for those of you who want goats to stay healthy, make sure to apply the following methods of caring for goats.