It’s not difficult, here are 10 ways to raise koi fish for beginners

Koi fish are pets that are often found in homes. Koi comes from Japanese which means carp. The name koi is also taken from the word Nishikoi, which means gold and silver embroidered carp fish. It is so named because koi fish have bright colored patterns, such as orange, gold, and silver on their skin.

Apart from being beautiful and tame, koi fish are also believed to bring good luck. So, do not be surprised, if koi fish ponds are not only found in homes. However, you can also find them in shops, offices, or malls.

1. Prepare a fish pond

The first thing you have to prepare if you want to keep koi fish is to prepare the pet media. In this case, a fish pond is an important aspect if you are going to keep koi fish. Koi fish can grow to be very large. Therefore, the aquarium is not used enough to keep koi fish. The pond is the right place to keep koi fish so that their development is optimal and facilitates their circulation.

2. Prepare the pond with clean water before filling it with fish

After the pond is ready, don’t immediately put the koi fish in it. Fill the pool with clean water and let it sit for two or three days first to get rid of the smell of cement and paint that is still in the pool. Change the water after two to three days and refill it with clean water. At the next water change, add one or two small koi fish to see the safety of the pond before adding all the fish to it.

3. Quarantine the fish before placing them in the pond

While cleaning the pond from the smell of cement and other building materials, you can also quarantine the fish before placing them in the pond. The trick, put the fish in a large bucket or container. If possible, limit the number of fish in one container to avoid stressing out the fish.

4. Transfer the fish to the pond

When the pond is ready to be filled with fish, you can move the fish from the container to the pond. However, don’t forget to also include water from the container into the pond so that the fish are not surprised and can easily adapt to their new habitat.

5. Routinely clean the fish pond

After the fish are put into the pond, make sure to always clean them regularly. Every two weeks is a great time to clean fish. Don’t forget to monitor the pond so that unwanted things do not happen, such as changes in water color or fish conditions.

6. Routinely feed the fish in small amounts

Just like other living things, fish also need to be fed regularly. Feed koi fish twice a day in the morning and evening with a small amount of food. The types of food you can give to fish are fish pellets or food, hair worms, mosquito larvae, and water fleas.

7. Always maintain fish health

Although it is not very visible to the naked eye, fish can also get sick and eventually die. Usually, fish diseases are caused by bacteria that multiply in the water. To prevent this, you must always keep the pond clean and monitor the movements of the fish so that action can be taken immediately if anything suspicious happens.

8. Always monitor the pool temperature

Koi fish usually grow optimally in fresh water with a temperature of 24-26 degrees Celsius. Less or more than this temperature can affect the health of the fish. Always the beach water temperature temperature in the pond to prevent fish from disease.

9. Put water plants in the pond

Water plants, such as algae or lotus, not only beautify the pond. Algae also functions as a supplier of additional oxygen in the water, so that the pool is always in prime condition. To make your pool even more beautiful, put some water plants in it.

10. Clean the water filter regularly

Last but not least, clean the water filter regularly. You can clean the water filter at the same time as you clean the pool. A clean water filter will also keep the pool clean.

How Bela, it is not difficult not to keep koi fish for beginners. Come on, start raising fish because it can indirectly reduce stress. Good luck!