Interesting Facts About Rabbits

Rabbits are animals that are usually kept around the house. This type of mammal is characterized by loose teeth and long ears. A little information for you that this rabbit is a type of mammal from the Leporidae family. When divided about the type, rabbits are divided into two types, namely ornamental rabbits and rabbits that are used for consumption. Meanwhile, if it is distinguished by fur, it will be divided into long and short hair.

If during normal time the hair looks white to yellow, but in winter it will turn gray. The life span of this animal is approximately five to ten years. There are so many people who love rabbits and are fans of this animal. Here are some interesting facts about rabbits that you need to know.

  1. Rabbit is a type of animal from the Lagomorphs class. This type of animal is not included in the Rodent or rodent species.
  2. There are many people who say that holding a rabbit by his ear. But the fact is that it is advisable to hold a rabbit from its ears. This is because the ear is very sensitive and is closely related to the nerves contained therein. Thus if you pull too hard the rabbit can become stressed easily as a result. If it is like this, it is feared that you will get sick and die.
  3. Compared with humans rabbit hearing is sharper. This type of animal will easily know what is behind its body. Thus the rabbit does not need to turn the coconut to find out the origin of the sound.
  4. Rabbit teeth are very sharp and fantastic. There are twenty-eight of his teeth to eat. This is evident from the teeth that can chew food as much as one hundred and twenty times per minute. This way the rabbit will eat quickly.
  5. Not only humans, in fact rabbits can contract osteoporosis or bone loss. Especially if the rabbit doesn’t move for one day. For this reason, rabbits will move for four hours to avoid bone loss or osteoporosis.
  6. Usually we will give fresh and new vegetables to rabbits for their food. But did you know that in fact rabbits prefer wilted vegetables to fresh ones.
  7. When the rabbits want to mate it should be done during cold hours. This will affect the success of the rabbit mating. For that it can be said that the rabbit can get along with the environment. Rabbit mating occurs at 6-8 am and 6-8pm.
  8. Rabbits are able to give birth to up to forty births in one year. Baby rabbits are born more than 20 to 40 baby rabbits each year. Therefore, this rabbit population is very high, which is often called the mammal that has the highest population speed.
  9. These rabbits can make sounds similar to cats. Thus it can be a stress reliever drug when office activities are many and dense.
  10. In one day, rabbits only need about five minutes to provide food and breastfeed their children.
  11. For rabbit droppings is also very useful. Many people use it as fertilizer for plants. So that plants thrive and have fast development. This is known as natural manure.
  12. Rabbits like to live in cool places. This is because these rabbits are prone to heat stroke.
  13. The fact is that rabbits are animals that cannot vomit.
  14. The young rabbits will sleep longer and only wake up when their mother awakens. Usually the mother will hide the young in the bush. The goal is to protect them from predators. So that young rabbits are not easily preyed on by predators who try to eat them.