How to Recognize the Characteristics of a Sick Cat Quickly and Accurately

We can feel the characteristics of a sick cat as the owner from the visible signs of body condition and changes in behavior. In order to avoid risks that could endanger the lives of our caregivers, it is better if we study the various signs and symptoms of cats, according to each of the following diseases that are most commonly complained of.

Characteristics of Wormy Cats

This disease is closely related to environmental hygiene and your cat’s food. To recognize the characteristics of a cat with worms, you can see from the habits of cats that eat and drink a lot, but it is very difficult to get fat, aka stay thin. Cat behavior also seems weak. Larvae and worms can be found in vomit and feces.

Don’t take any chances when you decide you want a cat. Provide a comfortable and clean place to live. Provide healthy food such as Whiskas which is popular in the market and recommended by experts. Various flavor variants will be favored by your cat. Even the nutritional content can be adjusted based on the age of your pet cat.

Characteristics of Curse Cats

The feature of cat fleas is usually easy to recognize. The fleas in the cat’s coat will cause irritation and wound infection on your pet’s skin. Pay close attention to the skin area. If there are signs of cat fleas, there are a variety of medications you can try to give them. You can use oral medications, shampoos, powders, herbal ingredients, or also flea sprays.

The characteristics of mushroom cats

Advanced cat disease that starts from fleas can lead to fungal cats. Mainly this is because the atmosphere of the cat’s coat tends to be damp. Areas of the feet, ears and face that are less protected are usually the main targets for scabies. As a medicine, you can use many variants of anti-fungal options. You can use lime sulfur or apply on the skin sebazol or lazy shampoo. As an ointment or topical drug option, there are several effective options, such as natural pet, derma cream, daktarin, canesten, ointment 88 and so on. You can consult the pharmacy.

Specific characteristics of cat eye pain

The characteristics of a sore eye cat are usually characterized by watery eyes, glazed eyes, crossed eyes, dirty eyes and also a white or red line on the eyelids. Some eye diseases that often attack cats are glaucoma, bacterial or viral infections, cataracts, conjunctivitis and inflammation of the retina. Treatment can use drops or antibiotics according to the cause.

Characteristics of Cat Urinary Infection

Urinary stone infection is common in cats. The specific name is Feline Lower Urinary Track Desease (FLUTD). The cause can be bacteria or excess magnesium mineral deposits. Characteristics of complaints are dehydration, decreased appetite, difficulty urinating, bloody urine and also an abnormal tendency for cats to lick their genitals.

Once again, this is proof that environmental hygiene and also the selection of the right feed are mandatory things that must be given to your beloved pet. As much as possible keep potential bacterial and viral infections out of the reach of your cat. Also pay attention to choosing the Whiskas brand which has the advantage of being safe from high magnesium.

You can easily match the characteristics of a sick cat as listed in the points above with the physical symptoms and behavior of your pet cat. For surface area pain, you can find medication independently at the nearest pharmacy. Especially for the treatment of urinary stones, don’t hesitate to see your vet.