Rabbits are the choice of many animals, because rabbits are very adorable. Rabbits have special needs to carry out their lives to live long, happy and healthy lives. The average age of a rabbit ranges from 5 to 10 years.

For those of you who want to keep rabbits, you need adequate preparation and knowledge, because rabbits have a weak physique and die easily. Caring for rabbits can not be careless and must have preparation.

If you are interested in raising rabbits as your pet, then you must know how to properly care for your rabbit so that it will live long.

Then how to care for rabbits properly?

1. Choosing a Cage

First, you must prepare a suitable place for your rabbit. You should be able to find a safe and comfortable place to live in rabbits, try to stay in a comfortable room.

Rabbits should not be placed indoors, they should be outdoors. If you want to put the rabbit in the room, you have to prepare a wide range of motion and smooth breathing for the rabbit.

Do not let you put a rabbit in the room, then you put a rabbit in a narrow cage and it is difficult to breathe. If you get that way, rabbits will get sick and die quickly. Therefore, give the rabbit a large space so that he feels happy and always moving.

Don’t forget, you must remove your rabbit for several hours each day, so that the rabbit is not stressed and the rabbit can enjoy the excitement. If the rabbit gets stressed, the rabbit might die.

2. Setting Up a Dirt Place

Second, you have to prepare a place for rabbit poop. Because rabbits have a natural tendency to always urinate and defecate somewhere. Prepare a medium-sized rabbit droppings.

If you have a very active rabbit, give the rabbit to roam in some safe places. It would be nice if you also have to have a place for the rabbit poop, so that the rabbit can dispose of poop in that place.

Because many rabbits like to spend time relaxing in their poop, so make sure that the rabbit poop’s size is not small and narrow.

3. Balanced Food

Third, you must be able to prepare balanced meals for the rabbit. Providing balanced food is very important for rabbits, because rabbits are susceptible to illness if the food is out of balance.

Many health problems in rabbits are caused by food that is not good and does not help the digestive system physiology for rabbits. A balanced diet for rabbits must consist of the following foods:
• Hay Grass
• Vegetables
• Fruits and snacks
• Pellets
• Water
Give food and drinks that are balanced and timely, so that your rabbit’s health is maintained and longevity.

4. Foods to Avoid

Fourth, you should be able to avoid your rabbit from unhealthy food. Because rabbits have a very sensitive digestion. What food should your rabbit avoid?
• Toman
• Col.
• Corn
• Nuts
• Peas
• Potatoes
• Bit
• Shallot
• Rhubarb
• Bamboo
• Grains
• etc.
So try the food above should be avoided from your rabbit, so that your rabbit is not fragile / easily sick and dies quickly. Therefore, learn good food and foods that are not allowed for rabbits.

5. Hold the Rabbit Right

Fifth, you must also be able to hold your rabbit properly, lest you even hurt it because it holds the rabbit incorrectly. Because rabbits are fragile animals and must be handled properly and carefully.

If until you hold the rabbit incorrectly, the rabbit will rebel and be able to break his own bones, take care of your rabbit properly and must hold the rabbit properly.

Today, many people are still wrong in holding a rabbit by holding their ears. Though the way is a big and fatal mistake. A good way to hold a rabbit is to place one hand under the front of the rabbit and the other hand under his back.

So that your pet rabbit does not feel pain and die.