How to Prevent the Extinction of Animals and Plants

How to preserve endangered animals and plants

1. In Situ Preservation is conservation carried out at the original place of the animal or plant. Examples of In Situ conservation are Wildlife Reserves, Protected Forests, and National Parks. Wildlife likes are areas that protect animals. Protection Forest is an area that protects plants. National Park area that protects animals and plants.

2. Ex Situ Preservation is conservation carried out outside the original residence. Because animals and plants lose their original place of residence. Ex Situ conservation is carried out as an effort to rehabilitate, breed, and breed rare animals and plants. Examples of Kebon Botani, Taman Safari, and captivity.

Other efforts can be made to preserve endangered animals

a.Do not hunt animals carelessly

b. Protect endangered animals

c. Rare animals are cultivated

d. Look for alternative uses of endangered animals by creating substitutes made from synthetic materials

Other efforts can be made to preserve rare plantations

1. Do not cut down trees carelessly

2. Select selective logging

3. Replanting plants that have been used

4. Care of plants properly

• Learning resources for the knowledge of science

• Used as a medicinal material derived from animals and plants

• Maintain a balance of the environment and the natural environment

• Used as consumption materials, foodstuffs and even sources of income

• Gives a beautiful sense of nature

The objectives of the preservation of endangered animals and plants are as follows

• Maintaining the balance of the ecosystem so that life on earth continues to run well

• Conserve biodiversity

• Meet community needs. for example for building materials, and medicines.

• Create a comfortable environment and reduce air pollution by growing various trees

• Can be used as an entertainment venue by creating a recreation park or zoo