How to make cats obedient to their owners

Cats are known as tame animals and are very friendly to humans, most of them are very obedient to their owners, but there are some cats that when they are kept don’t even want to obey, so in this article I will give tips on how to make cats obedient to the owner.

How to Train Cats to Obey Their Owners

Here are some ways you might try to make your cat obedient and tame

1. Give regular meals

Always try to give food to cats regularly so they don’t starve, this can make them depend on you as the owner, so the cat will obey you. You can feed him 3 times a day and try to make a schedule.

Cats who are used to being fed regularly are sure to be more obedient to you, and they will not steal and look for food in other places such as trash cans, but they seem to always wait for you until you feed them again and again.

2. Always provide a drink

Usually cats after eating will immediately drink, therefore always prepare a place to drink for them. Always check if the drink is still there and still clean. you need to know for drinks, you must always be ready because the cat at any time will definitely come to the place to drink even though it is not on the eating schedule.

3. Provide a place to defecate

Cats are clean animals and like to clean themselves, you must always provide a place to poop and make sure the litter area is always clean so that the cat doesn’t think about pooping anywhere.

To train a cat to want to poop in its place, you have to show the cat the place, maybe by holding its body and then put it on the sand, let it sniff and start peeing there.

But if you still don’t want to, you can take the cat’s litter and then apply it to the sand where it is littering so that it knows that it is where it poops.

4. Practice playing and joking

Sometimes any animal needs cheerful conditions, not just eating and sleeping. Well, cats also need to spend their time playing games. To invite to play cats, you can throw a small ball such as a ping pong ball, play with a laser light, or a toy stick that has fur on the end. This can bring the cat closer to the owner and your cat will likely become obedient.

5. Introduce to the environment

One way to get cats to obey their owners is to train cats to recognize their surroundings so they are not afraid and become stressed. For example, introducing the sound of a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, the sound of the door opening, guests and others. By introducing them to their surroundings, cats will be able to adapt to the environment they live in

One way to make cats obey their owners is by introducing them to their surrounding environment so they don’t get stressed and afraid, especially if your cat moves house. The way to introduce it to the environment can be by introducing the sound of the door opening, the sound of a vacuum cleaner, the sound of family members and others. In this way the cat will adapt and will not be stressed and afraid, it is hoped that the cat will be easier to obey you.

6. Treat the cat gently

Cats are spoiled animals and like to be treated gently and with affection, so treat them gently and don’t yell or kick, so they are not traumatized and afraid of you.

If they feel comfortable because you treat them gently and with love, then they will show you that they love you too. Maybe by playing with her body which is always stroked at your feet, or maybe they are always waiting for you when you are doing activities.

Thus the article on how to make cats obey their owners, hopefully this is useful, thank you and good luck trying my tips at home. Greetings to all the cats.