How to increase the thickness of your cat’s hair and keep it from falling out

Cat fur is the source of its beauty. Of course, the first appearance that we see is the beauty of its fur. It is undeniable that we sometimes feel a dilemma when we have to choose to have a cat that is shorthair or longhair, actually both of them will look beautiful as long as the health of their fur is well groomed, looks nicer to look at and makes the owner is proud to take good care of his long fur. Immediately, here are some tips / ways to increase hair paint including: The first four points will discuss food and beverage intake then proceed with the following points,

1. Provision of fish oil

Fish oil is very good for cats because it contains a lot of OMEGA3 which is good for skin health and cat’s fur, for its application it can be mixed with food then we mix thoroughly, so that cats can benefit from the food eaten as well as OMEGA3 content contained in fish oil. If our cat likes to lick fish oil can also be given immediately without the need to be mixed with food.

2. Vitamin E intake

Vitamin E does have a good function for cat’s skin health which is also good for its fur at the same time, even I heard from discussion forums that giving vitamin E can also increase the lust of cats. The type of vitamin E that is commonly used is natureE which is widely circulated in the community so that we are easy to get it.

3. Vitamins are specific to fur

This vitamin can be found at your pet store or veterinarian closest to your city.

4. Egg yolk

The content contained in egg yolks is good enough for the development and health of fur and protein is good for the fitness of our cats, many catlovers ask what kind of egg should be given to cats, the answer is easy to find in the market can be native chicken or chicken laying eggs. in my opinion more recommended that native chicken. How to give it to the cat can be directly broken by the egg and discard / set aside the whites of the egg and then directly enter the place to eat, let the cat immediately licked it until it runs out. or if you want to give it in a type condition you can also boil it before serving.

5. Comb the cat’s fur

The purpose of combing paint hair is to remove dead hair that is still attached to the body of the paint so that it becomes more tidy, but also by regularly combing its fur is expected to minimize the possibility of the paint to vomit hairball.

6. Groming our paint

Wash your paint at least 2 times a month, or it could be once a week to adjust to the condition of the body is dirty or not, also need to be considered whether the paint is in a healthy condition or not. because the condition of a sick cat when bathing can worsen the situation. The following is how to bathe your own cat at home.

7. Dry the cats in the morning

The cat’s drying process is good for bone growth because it contains a lot of vitaminD, but also so that the cat’s condition is more fresh and healthy, so that it impacts on its fur health too, because stressed cats have a tendency to experience hair loss .

8. The cat’s home environment Try to keep the cage or place where the cat lives and has a cool and active activity so as to minimize the risk of the cat experiencing hair loss due to hot temperatures at the location of his residence.