Here’s How To Cut Cat Nails That Are Good and Right, Don’t Just Do It!

Cutting cat nails is one treatment that can be done regularly. Nails in cats have an important role. Cat nails can be the main weapon for a cat in addition to fangs. However, most people who have cats often experience difficulties because cat nails can also damage the furniture in the house.
It is also quite often the reason why many people are looking for ways to cut cat nails. But before we go on, there is an opinion among the public that says that we shouldn’t cut cat nails? Is that true? This is not entirely wrong. Okay, let’s get it straight. Cat nails that we cut are just the tips of the nails, not all parts of the nails or even pulling out the cat’s nails.

How to cut cat nails that are good and right

Cutting cat nails may seem difficult, but in fact, if we know how, we can do it at home. There are ways and tricks to cut your cat’s nails so that your cat doesn’t scratch and rebel.
But beforehand there are some things that are important to note before we cut cat nails, as follows:

• You must be able to understand the anatomy of the cat’s nails
• You have to use the right nail clippers
• Give the cat a delicious food before cutting its nails, this is necessary so that the cat feels happy and not afraid when the nails are cut.

Cats need healthy nails that are good for climbing and scratching. At least you need to trim cat nails regularly. Usually, every 2 to 4 weeks. Here we summarize from various sources how to cut cat nails that are good and correct. Listen yes!

Prepare scissors, towels, and medicine

You have to prepare scissors and a towel as a cloth to wrap the cat. Also prepare blood-retaining drugs in case the cat’s nails are injured.

Gently massage and press the soles of the cat’s paws

Try to keep the cat calm in this condition. You don’t have to press too hard. Use your thumb and index finger to press the cat’s finger. This is so that the cat’s nails come out and we can easily cut them.

Cut the right part of the nail

Cut only the sharp part of the cat’s nails, not too deep. Let’s just do it, if our nails are cut too deep it can hurt right, cats are the same. Avoid cutting to the pink part of the nail. Because in that part there are blood vessels and nerves. Remember! Here are some tips for cutting cat nails
Before cutting cat nails, there are a few tips that you might apply when clipping your pet cat’s nails.

Be careful

Cutting or clipping cat nails is something related to the health of the cat. So you should be careful. Do not let the way you cut your nails is wrong and make the cat hurt.

When is the time to cut cat nails

Usually, the ideal time to trim a cat’s nails is every 2 to 4 weeks.

Give rewards to cats

When you have finished cutting the cat’s nails, then give him a reward, by preparing delicious food into his bowl.