Here’s Arowana Aquarium Good and Comfortable

A hobby to maintain arowana fish is one of the fun activities. Arowana fish that has a characteristic form of stunning colors and unique lips make it one of the most maintained fish. However, raising arowana fish certainly also requires careful preparation. Various things ranging from the aquarium with all the supporting facilities need to be prepared in order to create a comfortable atmosphere for the aquarium in the water. A good Arowana aquarium is an aquarium that has the right size with complete supporting facilities. That way, it is hoped that arowana fish become comfortable in the aquarium. Here are the characteristics of a good Arowana aquarium to provide comfort for Arowana fish living in it:

1. Have the Right Size

Setting up an aquarium to keep arowana fish should not be careless. Because the prepared aquarium must have the right size. The size of the aquarium must be adjusted to the body length of the Arowana fish. The ideal length for Arowana aquarium is 3x the length of the body of Arowana fish. As for the recommended aquarium width is 1.2x the length of the body. In addition, do not forget to pay attention to the thickness of the glass from the aquarium.

2. Right Placement

Aquariums to maintain arowana fish must be placed in the right room. The right room to place the Arowana fish aquarium is rarely passed by many people. Because the room or place that is often traversed by people can cause arowana fish to be stressed. This condition can cause arowana fish color does not change and fade.

In addition, keep the aquarium fish Arowana from too much sun. Enough sunlight is good for Arowana fish, but excessive sunlight is actually not good because the aquarium water will become green because of overgrown algae. Therefore, the aquarium should be equipped with a lid so that incoming sunlight can be sufficient.

3. Maintained Cleanliness

The cleanliness of the Arowana aquarium must always be maintained and hygienic. A dirty aquarium can affect the health of arowana fish. Health problems in arowana arising from dirty aquariums are the fading of the color of scales and the behavior of arowana which is no longer agile. The reason for dirty aquariums is the accumulation of ammonia which is derived from the extracts from the rest of Arowana’s metabolism which is released in the form of impurities.

In addition, a dirty aquarium can also be caused by the growth of moss and algae on the aquarium wall. Moss that is allowed to grow can be a source of disease. In addition, over time the water will become dirty quickly or turbid.

To create a good Arowana aquarium, you need to complete it with a liquid filter that serves to supply oxygen in water and a heater as a water temperature regulator. A clean and comfortable aquarium will accelerate the development of arowana fish.