Here are 5 Ways to Train your Pitbull to Be Kind and Tame

The case of the pit bull dog biting local residents is indeed a hot topic of discussion. The reason is, the incident was repeated again. A seven-year-old girl with the initials MWT in Medan, North Sumatra, suffered severe injuries to her face as a result of an attack by a pit bull breed kept by her family. The incident occurred at his residence, From a series of cases regarding pit bulls attacking humans, residents are worried. But actually, this pit bull can be trained and become tame! Here’s how:

1. Give Plenty of Exercise

Pitbulls are primarily wild dogs. They will quickly get bored if their master doesn’t practice them often. From this feeling of boredom, the aggressive nature of the dangerous pit bull appears. So try to give your pit bull as often as possible and simple!

2. Understand His Body Language

No different from humans, dogs like a pit bull have a fear or need for something. So, you need to understand their body language. By understanding them, you will know how to code them when they are angry. So, you can provide understanding and prevent your pit bulls from attacking others.

3. Train Discipline

Training discipline in pit bull is very necessary. You can use positive and simple movements to make it easy for your pit bull to understand. That way, they will be disciplined and tame.

4. Don’t be hit

Hitting dogs when they are wrong is not a good thing. That can make them even more aggressive! It is best if you reprimand and communicate slowly and without hitting so that the pit bull does not become increasingly fierce.

5. Socialize Them

Don’t just be confined in the cage and in the yard, socializing the pit bull to the outside is also important so that they don’t feel confined. Not only that, this activity is also able to make pit bulls interact and make friends with the outside environment.