Here are 10 rarest animals in the world with unique looks

Speaking of rare animals, what immediately came to your mind? Do you think of animals whose species are endangered, such as some types of gorillas? Or are they animals with a unique appearance that you rarely encounter?

Yes, endangered animals are not only endangered animals, but animals with unique looks that you have never encountered before. It is called rare because these unique animals only exist in certain areas.

1. Bird of Paradise Bald

Cenderwasih Bald is one of the many endangered animals in Indonesia. The origin of this rare animal is Raja Ampat, Papua. This proves that not only is the nature beautiful, but the fauna in Papua also has a very beautiful appearance like this bird.

It is said to be the rarest animal in the world because this endemic bird can only be found on two small islands, namely in Waigeo and Batanta, Raja Ampat Islands.

The beauty of this bird comes from its red and black feathers, yellow nape, and bluish green on top of its head. Interestingly, the tail of the Bird of Paradise is shaped in two circles which at first glance looks like a scissor handle.

2. Ili Pika

Furthermore, there is a rare species of rabbit that is reportedly only found in the Bamboo Curtain Country, namely Ili Pika. This cute animal suddenly became famous after National Geographic released its photos. Understandably, it is said that animals have only been seen again after the last 20 years.

Unfortunately, this animal is included in the category of endangered animals because it is estimated that there are only 1,000 left in the world, a number that is less than the number of pandas in the world. The Ili Pika extinction was caused by this species being the prey of foxes, raccoons and birds.

3. The snub-nosed monkey

You will be surprised by the appearance of the Snub Nosed Monkey. The reason is, this type of monkey cannot be found in Indonesia. The origin of this rare animal is in Burma, Myanmar. However, some say that this monkey can also be found in the Himalayas.

This monkey has a combination of white and black fur, and has a crest on its head. What makes this monkey look cute is that his snub nose makes him always sneeze during the rainy season. Yes, if you pay attention to this monkey’s snub nose looks like it is facing upwards, making it easier for water to enter.

4. Gold Jellyfish

When swimming in the sea or lake, we often worry about being attacked by predators or being stung by marine animals such as jellyfish. However, you don’t need to worry about being stung if you swim with golden jellyfish. The rarest animal in this world is very friendly and because the sting will not be felt by humans.

Gold jellyfish can only be found in the lake on Eil Malik Island in the Republic of Palau, Pacific Ocean. In Indonesia, you can find this rare jellyfish in Lake Kakaban, East Kalimantan.

5. The Honduran White Bat

This one is not a TsumTsum doll, but is one of the rarest bat species in the world, its name is the Honduran White Bat. The origin of this rare animal is Central America and they are very happy to live among the leaves.

The ears, face, nose and part of the legs are yellow. While the fur is pure white and the wings are black. This Honduran white bat can only eat fruit. The size is also very mini, which is only about 4.7 cm, so you can put it on just one palm.

6. Thorny Lizard

The appearance of this prickly lizard is sure to terrify you when you see it. Understandably, from the tip of the face to the tail is indeed overgrown with sharp spikes. The original habitat of this lizard is an arid desert in Australia. Thorny lizards are rare because they are difficult to find in other areas.

Remarkably, this spiny lizard has the ability to change skin color like a chameleon. The color of the skin can change to brown, yellow, black, and reddish depending on the color of the soil it passes. This reptile who also has the nickname as the thorny devil is really rare and scary at the same time!

7. Octopus Dumbo

Octopus Dumbo or also known as Grimpoteuthis is one of the rarest animals in the world that lives in the deep sea. The uniqueness of this animal, which belongs to the octopus family, lies in the fins that are between the membrane of its legs, which resemble the ears of a flying elephant called Dumbo in a famous animated film.

In general, Octopus Dumbo lives in the sea 3,000 meters deep from the seabed. This is what makes this animal very rarely seen by humans. The size of the Octopus Dumbo is indeed smaller than the octopus in general because the length of this animal is only about 20-30 cm.

8. Angel Halmahera

Again, we discuss rare animals from bird species, this time there is the Angel Halmahera, a bird endemic to the Maluku Islands. In other words, this beautiful bird only exists in the western part of the Maluku Islands. Male Halmahera angels have a very attractive appearance where their fur has a combination of brown, green and olive colors.

The male bird Angel Halmahera is polygamous. While the main food of these animals are insects, arthropods, and fruits. Considering that this bird is not found in many areas other than the Maluku Islands, the number of this bird is very limited and can be categorized as the rarest animal in the world.

9. Tree Kangaroo

Tree kangaroos are rare animals that can be found in Papua. Apart from Papua, the original habitat of these animals is rainforests in Australia and Queensland. If other kangaroos are more light brown in color, this Tree Kangaroo is a darker color. Its brown fur will look golden in the sun.

Unfortunately, this Tree Kangaroo is a rare animal that is approaching extinction. The cause of the tree kangaroo being almost extinct is hunting by humans and its natural habitat which is beginning to be damaged.

10. Amazon Dolphin

Even though they are pink in color and look very much like dolphins in general, this Amazon River Dolphin is very hostile and can not be trained like the dolphins who used to play attractions in circuses or zoos.

This dolphin habitat is located along the Amazon River. He really likes to live in wide and muddy rivers. It is estimated that this type of dolphin is threatened with extinction because every year 1,500 dolphins are killed in the Amazon River. This dolphin carcass is used as bait to catch Piracatinga fish which is a type of catfish.

These are the 10 rarest animals in the world that have a unique appearance and are rarely or even never seen before. If you want to add other endangered animal species around the world, please write in the comments provided.