Get to know the characteristics of a Mixdome cat and its advantages

Cats are animals with adorable household characters. Cats can be great friends when at home, relieving fatigue from work, chores, and busy activities outside the home. A cute cat can bring the mood back to good again.

On the other hand, this empus has many types, one of which is the mixdome cat. What is the mixdome cat like and what are its advantages and characteristics? Come on, both recognize this type of cat.

Getting to Know the Mixdome Cat

Mixdome cats are genetically mixed cats. On this earth the mixdome cat has the largest population, which is 70% to 80%. There are many kinds of this itself. At, we will explain the characteristics and advantages of the mixdome cat.

The mixdome cat is a crossbreeding cat. Mix from English which means mixture while dome is domestic, then mixdome means domestic mix. The type of mixdome itself has 6 other types, namely: Persian mixdome, Angora mixdome, Himalaya mixdome, Siamese mixdome, Bengal mixdome, and Caluca mixdome.

Common Features of the Mixdome Cat

Just like cats in general, but there are slight differences. Please read the following characteristics

Long tail feathers

The tail hair of a mixdome cat with Persian and Angora races will be seen on the tail. This characteristic is a common trait of the mixdome cat.

The neck is short

The neck of this breed tends to be short. So it’s like you don’t have a neck. As cute as a doll. But not all mixdomes are like this. Only a few from certain racial marriages.

Oval face shape

The face shape of the mixdome cat is generally oval to the side. This characteristic is owned by the Persian Siamese Mixdome and the Angora Mixdome. The bengal mixdome tends to be round.

Short head and body hair

A short body is a characteristic of marriage with the Persian or Angora race. And the short hair on the head is genetically from a local cat.

Above are the characteristics of the mixdome cat that can be found around us, for the most part it is very easy to recognize by its long and thick tail fur, but not for its body and head. The mixdome cat is more dominant today than the domestic cat.

Mixdome cat’s strengths

Easy to adapt to humans

The mixdome cat is more spoiled and makes it easy to get along with humans. Because his clingy behavior makes it easy to get along with the owner.

Active when invited to play

Another advantage of this type is that it is active, he exclaims when playing with meow this one can eliminate work fatigue or boredom when you have no friends to chat at home.

More Adorable Shape

The thick fur on the tail is a hallmark of the Persian mixdome we often encounter on the street. And many have a Persian mixdome breed. The shape is adorable because it has a lot of fur only on the tail.

Rarely meows

The advantages of the four mixdome cats are rarely meow. So it doesn’t make it noisy or even rowdy. Suitable for pets who are quiet.

Not too spoiled

The mixdome cat is spoiled but not much spoiled. Because there are genetics of domestic cat breeds that tend to be independent. So this type of cat doesn’t ask too much on the lap or ask its owner to be petted.

Easy to train and smart

It’s fun to have pets like mixdome cats. Amazingly this breed of cat is easy to train for a game. Just try to catch the ball or throw the ball, just get used to it, it will take a long time to understand.

Faithful to the owner

Almost all cats are loyal to their owners if their owners already love them. The mixdome cat is no exception, which has a breed of purebred cats who like to laze around at home and don’t dare to leave the house far.

Her eyes are beautiful, blue and round

Some mixdome cats with certain breeds have distinctive beautiful eye color. Blue and round. Which makes its beauty more visible and has more appeal.

Physically strong

The physique of this mixdome is strong. With a strong physique this type of cat does not get sick easily. Because there are breeds of domestic cats that give strong physical genetics to the local weather.

Easy to get along with other cats.

The advantages of the mixdome cat are also the reason people prefer to be adopted, besides not being too fussy like purebred cats, he has a good enough build to be a friend at home.