Fantastic! 4 Most expensive cat breeds in the world

As a mammal, cat is one of the beloved animals that are loved by many people. Some breeds even become the most expensive cats in the world.Unlike today, it turns out that in its time the cat was once considered a pet that could only be owned by certain people such as the aristocracy, even in ancient Egypt, the cat became one of the purified animals because it was believed to be a messenger of gods.

Like animals in general, cats also have a variety of different races and each race has its own uniqueness. Starting from the nature, face shape, body posture, tail length, and feathers to distinguish each race. The more unique the shape will certainly be increasingly rare, it causes the price of cats to be able to touch a fantastic price. So what kind of cat breeds are those that are classified as the most expensive cats?

Scottish Fold

Different from most cats who have erect ears, this cute cat is very famous for the shape of its ears that are folded forward. It gives the impression of a cat’s face as if it looks round.

In its history, Scottish Fold was discovered by a shepherd named William Ross on one of the farms in the Tayside region, Scotland in 1961.

Because of its unique shape, Ross finally breed the Scottish Fold race and spread it to several regions in Europe and even Asia. This unusual shape, making the price soared to US $ 3 thousand or along with


Although physically similar to the Sphynx cat breed from Canada, it turns out that the Peterbald race originated from Russia. This race was obtained from a cross marriage between the Russian Donskoy race and Oriental Shorthair.

Peterbald has a high level of intelligence and affection, so he is able to calm down in the lap of his employer for some time.

However, this type is very susceptible to sun exposure so it cannot spend a long time outdoors. If you want to buy it, the price of this cat is around US $ 5 thousand or about

Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat

Different from other breeds of cats, this race was developed specifically by a company called Allerca which claims to be able to breed Hypoallergenic cats. The uniqueness of this cat is its shape is longer than other cat breeds.

This program aims to enable people who are allergic to cats can have a cat without getting allergic due to cat fur. Of course the program involved several related studies and specialist scientists, therefore the price is expensive to step in the range of US $ 6 thousand or

The shape is very unique because it is almost similar to the skin color and pattern of fur on leopards and jaguars. It is said that this race was first created in the 1970s. At that time there was a cross-breeding between Asian tiger cats with domestic shorthair, the results obtained a new race that has an exotic pattern with active and smart nature.

Because it comes from wild cat breeds, Bengal size is much larger than other pet cat breeds. About the price, this race is around US $ 25 million


Although originating from a genetic engineering race, this race is the rarest type. This race is produced by one company based in Los Angeles and each year only produces around five Ashera kittens.

In terms of the nature and behavior of his character is almost similar to the Savannah cat race, but has an appearance resembling a snow leopard. To get this superior and beautiful race, scientists conducted a cross-breeding between an Asian leopard with a purebred cat and an African Serval.

Because of its rarity, the price of Ashera cats can penetrate a pretty fantastic price, which is up to US $ 125 thousand