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The westernmost island in Franz Josef Land, this is also a super habitat for polar bear and walrus. Elsewhere in Franz Josef Land you might see fulmar, frequent eider, glaucous gull, kittiwake, arctic tern, Brünnich’s guillemot, black guillemot, or little auk. Seabirds are an important indicator of the overall health of Arctic ecosystems. In fact, a particular staff of researchers from Seabird Watch traveled with us in summer 2017 to deploy monitoring cameras in one other area of the Arctic. A walrus noticed within the wild is an thrilling discover, even when he’s feeling lazy and doesn’t really feel like performing for the digicam.

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Customise considered one of our adventures for your loved ones, business, school or pals – or create your dream vacation from scratch with World Expeditions. Generations of polar adventurers have relied on the expertise and achievements of earlier explorers. Likewise, Quark Expeditions today draws on three a long time of polar exploration to information them. Arctic locations corresponding to Spitsbergen supply a break from hordes of vacationers, a place the place few travelers venture forth.

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On your North Pole expedition, look ahead to ringed seal along the perimeters of sea ice, where they feed on Arctic cod. Ringed seals feed on a wide range of small prey, together with 72 species of fish and invertebrates. Weighing in at lbs (50-70 kg) with an length of average 5 ft (1.5 m), it takes a good deal of small fish to satiate his urge for food. Dining is an occasion nearly Olympic in scale, as they dive to depths of 35 to 150 ft and keep submerged for as much as 45 minutes.

One of our onboard medical group, Dr. Sam Crimmin, captured a really particular second when she caught sight of this female walrus and her calf hanging out on a chunk of ice in the Arctic Ocean. Walrus will calve only once each two to a few years, making her discover all that much more meaningful.

Animals Of Antarctica

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They’re essentially the most widespread marine mammal in the Arctic by far, which is basically great news for his or her high predator, the polar bear. You’re most likely to identify ringed seals on your North Pole expedition, though harp seals have been seen on a number of events in Franz Josef Land, as well. Nineteen distinct populations of polar bear roam the circumpolar area and should you’re fortunate, you may just see one prowling the edge of an ice floe or gliding through cold, darkish waters. The male of the species are, on average 600 to 1200 lbs, though the largest can tip the scales at as a lot as 1,540 lbs .