Endangered Species Act

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Congress Is Trying To Weaken The Endangered Species Act.

According to straightforward physics, the whole universe over a lot, much larger timescales will become gradually uninhabitable, resulting eventually in unavoidable human extinction related to the heat demise of the universe. If developing world demographics are assumed to turn into developed world demographics, and if the latter are extrapolated, some projections suggest an extinction before the 12 months 3000. John A. Leslie estimates that if the reproduction rate drops to the German or Japanese level the extinction date will be 2400.[a] However, some models recommend the demographic transition might reverse itself because of evolutionary biology. iStockphoto/ThinkstockBetween 1996 and 2008, the population of Tasmanian devils dropped some 60% due a contagious most cancers generally known as Devil Facial Tumour Disease.

It continues to decimate populations of the species, which solely occurs on the Australian island of Tasmania. Captive breeding of uninfected individuals has been instituted and efforts have been made to develop a vaccine for the cancer, which is thought to have stemmed from mutated cells from a single specimen.