Efforts to Conserve Nearly Extinct Animals and Plants

The importance of protecting the environment must be instilled from an early age. Illegal logging / logging, water pollution from industrial and mining wastes, air pollution in urban areas, and the problem of damaging our environment especially in Indonesia are not new problems anymore, which should be addressed as soon as possible. How could it not be, this problem is closely related to the role of the government and society which must side by side in protecting our environment.

The environment which is the residence of all living things on earth, including humans, animals and plants, must be preserved. The environment is very important for the survival of living things. Because if the environment does not exist then humans, animals and plants cannot survive.

However, now the environment is experiencing damage. It’s all the result of irresponsible human activity. For example, such as illegal cutting of trees that are not interspersed with replanting trees so that the forest becomes deforested and the soil cannot absorb water even trees cannot breathe in carbon dioxide in the air, continuous coal mining which can cause the dredged land to run out and be damaged. , the use of motorized vehicles and the establishment of industries that cause factory fumes in greenhouses, resulting in high emissions of exhaust gases in the air which result in air pollution and warming of the earth’s temperature, as well as littering which has a negative impact on living things. These human actions can have fatal consequences, they dare to act on behalf of business and set aside the environment without thinking about their future children and grandchildren. Maybe doing that is very easy but to restore it to normal is very difficult.

Therefore, so that natural disasters are not repeated continuously, as humans who live on earth who have been given abundant natural wealth, we should thank God by protecting and preserving this environment. From now on, let us fix our environment. In this world, there is a great diversity of animals and plants, which differ from country to country. In addition, there are also many animals and plants that are rare and some are almost extinct. We will definitely learn how the efforts to conserve endangered animals and plants. It turns out that there are many ways that humans can do to preserve it Animals and plants may become extinct for several reasons, such as:

  1. Habitat destruction
    The existence of human activities can narrow the habitats of animals and plants so that they cannot sustain their survival.
  2. Pollution
    It is undeniable that humans now live side by side with pollution, from vehicle fumes, plastic waste, to factory waste.
  3. Poaching
    Many animals and plants are hunted wild by humans, and their valuable body parts are taken.
    An example is an elephant whose ivory is taken.
    Then, steps we can take to preserve endangered animals are:
  4. Increase Knowledge about Animals
  5. Do not support activities that destroy the environment
  6. Protecting the Surrounding Environment
  7. Visit the National Park
  8. Planting Local Plants
  9. Protecting Endangered Animals