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Biologist Clifford Warwick writes in in Journal of Animal Ethics that the keeping of unique pets is immoral. He’s writing particularly about reptiles, however lots of the same issues apply to exotic mammals and birds.

However, it is a special occasion when we get to deal with a fowl, rabbit, reptile or pocket pet. Animal Care Center of Downers Grove is pleased to offer exotic pet care and supply the compassionate, one-on-one care they deserve. Whether your companion has scales, feathers or fur, we all know how important they’re to you, and you may be assured we’ll do all we are able to to provide them the healthiest and longest life attainable. Guo Jinghui, who is in control of the WAP unique pet report, stated that the general public mustn’t buy or elevate wild animals as pets. Exotic pets are outlined as uncommon animals saved within households, and they’re usually wild species which embody fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds.

A wildlife ecology professor on the University of Florida likened the situation to “a sluggish-burning fuse lit to an ecological bomb.” Meanwhile, the exotic pet industry within the US makes $15 billion annually, and other people proceed to purchase that flashy, unique pet that sounds alluring however is severely harmful to both them and society at large. Each year millions of exotic animals are sold around the globe, destined for people’s basements and backyards. The term “unique” doesn’t have a set definition, however it often refers to a wild animal or one that’s extra unusual than your standard dog or cat. The booming enterprise in unique pets is called the exotic pet trade.

While general veterinarians might have good primary knowledge about these animals, just as basic practitioner physicians have about people, solely veterinarians with advanced coaching (such as residency training and/or board-certification) actually have specialised knowledge about these non-conventional (non-cat and dog) pets. You might come throughout quite a lot of different unique pets out there on the market starting from scorpions to pet skunks. As with all other species, in-depth analysis is really helpful to determine if you’re able to caring for the animal properly. In common, invertebrate pets similar to tarantulas have relatively low care requirements.

Exotic pets need particular care. Unfortunately proudly owning unique animals is not as simple as owning a fish or a cat. Exotic animals have very particular dietary, social, and husbandry wants. Many exotics must be maintained at a certain temperature, humidity level, and/or require specialty lighting/dietary supplements for them to be wholesome.

So we determined to see how a number of the extra exotic pets stack up against man’s best friend. Meet 15 pets that prove dogs are one of the best pal a person might have. Unless you need unique animals for instructional purposes or exhibition, you can not keep them as pets. Exotic animals include primates, bears, poisonous reptiles, massive cats, and wolves.

6 unique animals you shouldn’t get as a pet

The exotic pet enterprise also impacts humans and animals not involved in the trade. Wild animals have the potential to attack their house owners or unfold disease, similar to ebola and SARS. An outbreak of exotic Newcastle illness (END), which resulted within the deaths of 12 million birds in the U.S. within the 1970s, was traced to parrots smuggled from South America.