Deep Sea Expedition Uncovers 30 New Species, Plus Longest

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In 1804, about 45 men headed by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark moved up the Missouri River, crossed the Rocky Mountains, and from the Columbia River, reached the Pacific Ocean by November 1805. They returned to St. Louis by September 1806 with nice fanfare and essential data on native folks, plants and animals, and geography. Several tribes of Native Americans had informed Lewis and Clark about grizzly bears. The tribes would solely attack these nice bears if there have been 6-10 people of their searching get together, and even then the bears would typically kill one of them. The first grizzlies Lewis saw during the expedition were two smaller bears. That day Lewis wrote in his journal that though the Native Americans with their bows and arrows might need issues, the grizzlies have been no match for skilled rifleman. It was the most important bear they’d ever seen, a fantastic grizzly bear that weighed an estimated 600 kilos.

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On a slender path by way of Florida’s Everglades Headwaters, the expedition traverses a fragile wilderness corridor earlier than it disappears forever. Against the backdrop of large growth and inhabitants development, their expedition documents the vitality and connectedness of an ecosystem in a state of rapid transformation. The Florida Wildlife Corridor group champions the general public and associate assist needed to permanently connect, shield and restore the Florida Wildlife Corridor – a statewide community of lands and waters that helps wildlife and other people. Our group has trekked 1,000 miles throughout Florida – twice – to demonstrate the necessity and alternative to attach wild places in Florida. Illustrating the need for connected habitats, offering wildlife the room to roam. Showing that connecting, defending, and restoring corridors of conserved lands and waters are important for the survival of Florida’s numerous wildlife. Protecting a practical ecological corridor for the health of individuals, wildlife and watersheds.

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A “most super looking animal, and extreemly exhausting to kill,” wrote Lewis in his journal on May 5, 1805. Clark described the grizzly as “verry massive and a turrible looking animal.” Clark and one other member of the expedition fired 10 pictures at it earlier than it died. The discovery of the siphonophore and different probably unknown species was made in a protected space known as the Gascoyne Coast bioregion. This highlights what Wilson described as “one of the disconnects between where we are with ocean conservation and information”. Scientists exploring the deep sea off Australia’s coast have found as many as 30 new marine species – and what will be the longest animal ever seen.