9 Best and Most Trusted Cat Vitamin Recommendations

When you get a cat, it’s not just about feeding and drinking. In order for this hairy quadrupede to remain healthy and have a long life, you must start giving vitamins. Even in its development, currently there are more and more cat vitamin recommendations as evidence that cat lovers who care about cat health continue to grow.

Compared to five or a decade ago, nowadays cat owners have more and more choices from food, accessories, medicine to cat vitamin recommendations. Of course, in order to provide the best treatment to your beloved anabul (feathered child), you must first know the nutrition and nutritional intake they really need.

Especially in the rainy season like now and maybe later during the transition, there are many diseases that can attack cats, ranging from parasitic worms, bacterial infections to deadly virus attacks. The only way to keep your cat healthy and immune to disease is to provide the right vitamins regularly as well as high nutritious foods.

It’s just that not all cat owners care and understand enough about the types of vitamins and nutrients that cats need. With the benefits of vitamins that are very good for cat’s immune system, studying a series … Read More

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10 Simple Ways to Determine If Your Puppy Is Healthy?

Congratulations .. You are ready to have a new family member ..
But keep the following in mind when you buy. So that later you don’t regret and blame each other with the seller.Where did you buy the Puppy? Pet Shop? Individual? Kennel? Is there a warranty from them? can it be trusted? Simple things to find out if the puppy is in good health?

  1. Generally puppies will respond positively if you approach, or as if talking to them .. pay close attention .. Healthy puppies will be excited, not limp or droop. If he is sleeping, try to wake up slowly. see the reaction. Healthy puppies are generally lively and playful.
  2. Look at the eyes, the eyes must be clean, not filled with eye discharge, not blurry or cloudy.
  3. Ears, ears must be clean, odorless, not dirty or festering / fluid
  4. Skin: smooth skin, no wounds, ulcers or redness
  5. Take a quick look at the dog’s anatomy / body, whether its legs are bent, lame, etc.
  6. Tongue / Gums: pink in color, not pale pink or blackish. except for certain types of dogs such as the chow – chow
  7. Ask the vaccine book, pay attention to the vaccine label,
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