Not to bother, these 7 pets are easy to maintain

A number of studies suggest that having a pet can make the mind free from stress and cure mental illness. Even so, owning a pet requires a big commitment and requires you to devote time, attention, money and energy to keeping it. However, you don’t need to be confused because not all pets are difficult to keep. In this article, Kania will share pet references that can be kept hassle-free and ready to accompany your daily life at home. For details, let’s see the review below!

1. Cats

Pets that are often used as memes on the internet are really adorable. For those of you who are interested in adopting it, you don’t need to worry that it will be difficult to care for it. Even though you have spoiled behavior and often ask for food, you must be disciplined in feeding so that your cat can avoid obesity. Don’t forget to take your pet for vaccines, bathe it regularly, and carry out sterilization if needed.

2. Dog

Known for their loyal character, dogs are the most popular pets in the world. Even though it doesn’t require complicated care, those of you who want to adopt a dog as a … Read More

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Not Just Love Animals, Pet Shop Workers Need To Pay Attention To These Things

If you are an animal lover, then working to work in a pet shop can be a way to channel your hobbies as well as earn money. But, just like animals is not enough if you want to work with this profession. You have to be an expert in caring for animals because if you carelessly do it, the animal will experience stress and you can also get negative impacts such as claw wounds and bites. When it comes to salary, here are a variety of salary given. For a type of pet shop that does provide services such as grooming and special training, you can get a salary of around 2.5 to 5 million per month. Not infrequently, there are several pet shops that provide health and life insurance as well as monthly and annual bonuses plus free daily meals.

1. Dear Animals

How do you want to work in a pet shop if you don’t like animals yourself? Therefore this is the first condition that you must fulfill. It does not have to like all animals, but try to like animals that are often used as pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters and other domestic animals.

You also … Read More

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Aquascape – Supporting Components for Residential Interiors

Is that Aquascape? Aquascape (from “aqua” – water and “scape” – landscape) is the art of making formations or landscapes in an aquarium. This type of art has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The simplest understanding of this meaning describes it as “underwater gardening”, which includes laying techniques, layout, and arrangement of several components – water plants, stone, wood, etc., in a pleasant manner with aesthetics.

Aquascaping came from Japan and became popular because of the work of landscape photographer and water designer Takashi Amano. This idea raised the philosophy of presence, moved meditation, and captivated the human eye. Design ideas must come from the depths of the human soul and be free from facts if it is not easy to make excellent aquascape, so you decide to start this exploration of this amazing art to become an interesting hobby, fight and give satisfaction.

What are the Basic Aquascape Principles?

The aquascape process may look difficult but it’s not as complicated as it looks, as long as you keep and obey some simple principles. Finding the prime balance between scientific principles and creativity is perhaps the most difficult work, but nothing is impossible when we talk about … Read More

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