What are the Methods for Protecting Dog Teeth?

Most pets have serious dental problems due to a lack of attention to cleanliness, including dog teeth. Dental care is very important for dogs to prevent disease in their teeth and mouth which tends to cause bad breath. Currently, many dental treatments for dogs are also tried in clinics and veterinarians so that they can make it easier for you. However, if you are committed to keeping your own dog’s teeth clean and healthy, you can do it at home on a regular basis.

Dog Teeth


Dental Disease in Dogs




  • Plaque is germs and dirt that sticks to and
  • live on the teeth in the oral cavity
  • Regular maintenance by brushing your teeth regularly can remove plaque



If plaque is not removed quickly, it will react with saliva and congeal to form calculus that sticks firmly to the teeth which is called tartar.

  • Can cause infection
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Here’s How To Cut Cat Nails That Are Good and Right, Don’t Just Do It!

Cutting cat nails is one treatment that can be done regularly. Nails in cats have an important role. Cat nails can be the main weapon for a cat in addition to fangs. However, most people who have cats often experience difficulties because cat nails can also damage the furniture in the house.
It is also quite often the reason why many people are looking for ways to cut cat nails. But before we go on, there is an opinion among the public that says that we shouldn’t cut cat nails? Is that true? This is not entirely wrong. Okay, let’s get it straight. Cat nails that we cut are just the tips of the nails, not all parts of the nails or even pulling out the cat’s nails.

How to cut cat nails that are good and right

Cutting cat nails may seem difficult, but in fact, if we know … Read More

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6 Dangerous Diseases That Can Be Transmitted by Untreated Cats

Today cat owners celebrate international cat day. This celebration is often manifested with respect and affection for cats. Affection can also be realized by maintaining the health of your beloved cat. Paying attention to the cleanliness and health of a cat can keep this pet away from diseases that can be dangerous for him and for the cat owner. Cats that are not kept clean can make humans contract dangerous diseases. Citing various sources, here are the diseases that cats may spread to humans.


Bartonellosis is a disease caused by the bacterium Bartonella henselae. The human body can become infected with bacteria from the bite or claw of an infected cat. If infected, symptoms appear such as swollen lymph nodes, especially in the head, neck and arms, fever, coconut pain, weakness, weight loss and loss of appetite. It is difficult for people to detect cats that are infected with … Read More

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