5 facts about the Marvelous spatuletail bird that has a beautiful tail

The Marvelous spatuletail is one of the interesting birds that live in the Andes Mountains. Marvelous spatuletail or which has the scientific name Loddigesia mirabilis belongs to the Trochilidae family and the Loddigesia genus, just like other hummingbirds. This bird has a physical form that is very exotic and certainly attracts anyone who sees this bird.
Well, it is certainly interesting not to know the various kinds of information behind this beautiful bird. So consider the following facts.

1. Endemic birds from Peru

The Marvelous spatuletail is one of the unique birds that can only be found in northern Peru, precisely in the Rio Utchubamba area. In this area is a plateau, which is still in the mainland area of ​​the Amazon in Peru. While this bird was first discovered by collector Andrew Matthews in 1835, it has been identified as a type of hummingbird.

2. Has a small size and a beautiful tail

Marvelous spatuletail is a small and exotic bird species, because it has a length of only 15 cm. However, this bird is a medium-sized hummingbird, and the female is smaller than the male. The physical shape of this bird is also very interesting, because it has … Read More

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8 wild animals that are now widely used as pets, are tame!

The term “pets” is often used to describe cute animals that can be lap and petted. For example, cats, dogs, rabbits, or even hamsters. They are indeed very suitable as friends to play at home. But now the term is getting wider along with the growing public interest in animals. Not only cute, now even many wild animals are made pets. What are they curious about? Come on, see the following!

Sugar glider

Did you know that this cute little one was originally a wild animal? Sugar gliders are included in marsupials that are related to kangaroos. At first, they lived a lot in the forest, on top of a tall tree with a hole. But now, sugar gliders have been successfully domesticated to become domestic animals. The treatment is not difficult. They have no smell, are very clean, and do not need a bath. For food, you must provide fruit and vegetables combined with animal supplements.
But you need to give them a house with tree trunks so they can adapt well. So don’t be surprised if they are more active at night.

Fox fennec

Its large ears and sparkling eyes, it’s hard not to fall in love with … Read More

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