Unique, these 5 animals have an unusual number of body parts

Anatomically, the human and animal bodies have several similarities and differences. For example, most animals have two eyes like humans. However, there are also animals that have more limbs than humans, for example the number of legs. There are animals whose legs are four, six, eight, even hundreds of feet. It turns out, not only feet, some animals have excess numbers in unusual body parts, for example the nose, penis, heart, and so on. Want to know what animals are like that? Here comes the review.

Snails have two noses

Most animals have one nose, but snails have a pair, aka two noses. Well, technically a snail doesn’t actually have a nose like most animals do. However, they also have their smell organs, the tentacles on their heads.ca snail has two pairs of tentacles. The pair of tentacles on the top of its head function like eyes, namely to detect … Read More

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Lesser known horse traits and horse facts

Horses are mammals that we often encounter on the road. The familiar characteristics of horses make it easy for us to recognize these animals. We often encounter horses on the streets because many Indonesian people use them as fields to make a living. One example of the use of horses for humans is as a means of transportation. It’s no wonder that horses are used as a means of transportation because of their strong strength and endurance. An example is the wagon, which is traditional transportation that uses horsepower. But you know, Friends of Blue, there are characteristics of horses that may still be rarely known. Here are the characteristics of horses, uses, and unique facts.

General Characteristics of Horses

Horses have general characteristics that can be seen from their appearance, namely:

• The head is round slightly elongated.

• The shape of the muscles is very dense.

• The … Read More

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Efforts to Conserve Nearly Extinct Animals and Plants

The importance of protecting the environment must be instilled from an early age. Illegal logging / logging, water pollution from industrial and mining wastes, air pollution in urban areas, and the problem of damaging our environment especially in Indonesia are not new problems anymore, which should be addressed as soon as possible. How could it not be, this problem is closely related to the role of the government and society which must side by side in protecting our environment.

The environment which is the residence of all living things on earth, including humans, animals and plants, must be preserved. The environment is very important for the survival of living things. Because if the environment does not exist then humans, animals and plants cannot survive.

However, now the environment is experiencing damage. It’s all the result of irresponsible human activity. For example, such as illegal cutting of trees that are not … Read More

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